hey there thanks for stopping by to
check out this build and what you’re looking at here is a hundred Carolina
pallet wood coasters because I didn’t learn from my first time when I made the
100 shot glass set believe it or not this build was inspired by that one
combined with the Carolina cookie video that I made earlier in the year with the
faux live edge on the pallet wood where I achieved this diamond [pattern] but
instead this time I created a 110-pound 8 inch thick pallet wood slab I was able
to create sheets with this pattern on it now this entire set of coasters was made
for Carolina’s shoe make some super high-quality work boots that I wear in
the shop every day now you’re gonna want to head over and follow along on their
Instagram page to find out how you get your hands on some of these now in the
meantime Carolina’s has given me a coupon code for my viewers good for 15% off any
pair of boots at CarolinaShoe.com now this coupon is good until the end of the
year and boots make for a pretty awesome present on the holidays so… just saying.
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doing weird stuff like this with pallets and if you don’t I’ll probably keep
doing it anyway, I can’t think of anything more convincing than that so
I’ll see you next time