Glass lockets are elegant, modern and you
can wear them with any outfit. They make an amazing gift, as well as a keepsake. I love the fact that you can change the contents
at any time. You only need one locket and anything tiny
that can fit inside. I have a bracelet as well, but they come in
a small size, only 1.5 cm in diameter so it might be hard to put a papercut inside,
but everything’s possible. I chose to start with a simple flower design,
these three templates will be available for free on my blog
if you’re only making the locket for yourself. Here you can use copy paper, shimmery
papers or colourful cardstock would work well too. I used a new, sharp blade to cut the template
from the inside to the outside, holding the paper with my left hand and rotating it
as needed to have neat cuts. Before printing, I set the size to 2 cm but
it was smaller than that when printed so have a few copies in different
sizes. It ended up smaller than the inside of the
locket, so it floats but I don’t mind at all. Charms and rhinestones put inside the lockets
are meant to float, but I prefer papercuts to fit perfectly to prevent any damage as
they are fragile. The next design is a simple butterfly. It’s incredibly intricate so skip any parts
you don’t think you can cut, it will still be lovely. I didn’t follow the template exactly here,
I added and removed some parts. If you’re worried about the black side
showing inside the lockets, you can print the templates in light grey ink or staple
the template to another sheet of blank paper instead and cut through two sheets. That will be harder, but you’ll be left with
an impeccable papercut. I didn’t cut the outside circle
perfectly here, but I didn’t go back and try to make it neat. It was too small for the locket anyway, and
if you want, you can leave the butterfly but completely remove the circle around it,
leaving it to float like a charm. The third design is a simple fleur de lis,
I cut this first for the locket and I also cut a smaller template for the bracelet. I went from the inside swirls to the bottom
area and only then went up to remove the white areas on the top. I chose to leave the border here as well,
I liked how it looks inside the locket. That border is the trickiest part to
cut, but it’s great for practicing cutting circles. You can find the lockets online for a low
price, but don’t always go for cheaper ones. I
ordered some of those and they are not usable, the glass part is plastic and the magnets
aren’t strong so the locket opens on its own and contents can fall out. You can choose anything you’d like to go inside,
from floral patterns to silhouettes and even sentiments. It can be a flower, the moon, a drawing, letters,
monograms… The possiblities are endless. I hope you enjoyed today’s video and that
you’ll give this a try. Thank you for joining me today.