we will talk about the different ways of
use it Johnson baby oil …. Know one never you could learn 2-3 small
things… But first of all, what is the
Johnson baby oil? this oil is relatively unknown in
France, unlike the United States or England where she is recognized and appreciated
for a long time for its moisturizing qualities. Little more to know: Many US stars
use it to get that pretty glow on the body as they roll on the carpet
red. You see what I want to talk about, is not it ?! 
I told you we could use it on the skin for
Getting a nice glow will give it instantly a healthy side to the skin Make up the eyes Nourish / hydrate her cuticles, but also
Treat dry hair and prevent forks, not to mention pelicles, hair
brittle, sick hair … in short Just like the rest of your body, your cuticles
can benefit from moisturizing properties baby oil. The oil is ideal for detangling hair
dry and prevent split ends. Yes your hair or scalp are very
dry, mix in a small vase as you see a spoon of toothpaste and 4 spoons
of baby oil, apply the mixture on your hair then wet well
with water so that it touches the whole head and let it rest for 20 minutes
then shampoo. Result? A mane worthy of the most beautiful Disney princesses
for miss and. I revitalize my hair In this video, Eva and I are using it
separately for our hair, I have hair very dry short filled with dandruff and
very poor, she has long hair sex and also very damaged So me. Put a spoon of toothpaste
and three spoons of Johnson oil and she put it the same except that it adds an oil
to the fines in addition, why I do not know no, she loves Then we put everything on the hair
taking care to lather and leave 20 minutes, finally we rinse like you
see in the video, and to allow them to stay well fed for a long time and to be very hydrated,
soft and shiny we add this keel which is not fat, and yet that makes
very quickly grow hair,, this is absolutely to test at home Same if you have your hands or even
damaged feet Add a teaspoon of sugar
a few drops of oil and rub your hands. Tadam they are very sweet and cleared
of their dead skin! The same thing is possible to exfoliate the body, just
simply to increase the quantities; ) It’s in African shops
, has 5 ea about and has two euros on Amazon Do not hesitate if you like to read read
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