Come on. Well done. That should be more than enough. Hey you. Is the robot done? Yeah. It is. Tronics! Get over here. Put the robot in place. Careful, it’s very high tech. Yes, right there! Under the neural aligner! My plan is finally happening! It’s time to witness
history in the making! (computer beeps) (energy hums) It’s working! At last, I can
leave my cyber prison and take control of this
new and mighty body! Soon, the powers of the
Morphin Grid will be mine! (laughs) What!?
(explosion echoes) No! Stop this! (yells) He’s ruined our plan! Someone get him! (explosions echo) No, my cyber gate! (thunder crackles) Stop! What’s he doing!? (laughs) Phenomenal! The mantis DNA worked! I’m a Ranger! How!?
He played us. (tense music) You’ll pay for
messing up our plan, tech boy. Bring it! Huh?
What the? Whoa. (energy hums) No way! (thunder crackles) You, you just morphed! Oh, is that what happened? Fantastic! I am amazing! Two more Rangers!? Ah, no matter, we’ll destroy you both. Ha, not a chance! They’re no match for the two of us. This whole deal
is going into the toilet! This oughta help! Transport Striker Morpher! It’s all yours. Shiny! I like it! You’re both going down. Wrong, we’re going up! (explosions echo) How are they beating us? With flair! (thunder crackles) Good job!