Welcome to Ranger Reviews, a webseries where
we look at episodes of the tv show, Power Rangers and then discuss them! Today, we’re exploring the twenty-sixth
episode of the show Power Rangers in Space as well as the two hundred and seventy-sixth
episode overall, titled “The Secret of the Locket”. We begin this episode in a forest where Andros
is morphed and fighting Darkonda. Okay, wow, we’re really getting into this
immediately. Andros yells at Darkonda for kidnapping his
sister, who just openly admits to it. He then warps toward Andros, slashing him. Ecliptor is nearby, laughing to himself, claiming
that this is perfect. Andros and Darkonda keep fighting, and he
gets Andros’s Spiral Saber, kicking him back, but Andros recovers awesomely. Then, Andros kicks his Spiral Saber away,
distracting Darkonda long enough to hit him with his Astro Blaster, and then he hits Darkonda’s
saber away with his Spiral Saber. Andros wants to know where his sister is,
but Darkonda refuses. Then, Ecliptor steps on a twig, distracting
them long enough for Darkonda is run away. Andros is searching through the forest, yelling
for Darkonda. He then just teleports out after yelling. Then, Darkonda is just in a damn tree, jumping
down. He wants to kill Andros. We get it, guys. You guys have like two motivations here. Darkonda then sets up a few devices on trees,
saying that he’s impressed with himself. Oh my god, Darkonda is just talking to himself
this entire time, as he buries a device in the forest. He looks for something to test these devices
with, and he gets a piece of wood, throwing it, and it fires lasers at a spot, causing
an explosion. Darkonda is pleased with himself, walking
away. Ecliptor is nearby, listening. On the Megaship, Andros is sleeping in his
dorm, and we see that he’s dreaming real hard, thinking about Karone getting kidnapped. Again. Andros, we get it. He wakes up in a sweat, getting up, walking
over to Karone’s child photo on his nightstand. This is the slowest moving episode, ever. Astronema is on the Dark Fortress, looking
at her locket, and Ecliptor comes in, saying that a monster named Batterax is ready to
go to attack Earth, but then he immediately asks what’s wrong with her. She asks him where he found her again, and
he explains that she was left on his doorstep. Uh, of a spaceship? Her parents and brother were destroyed by
the Power Rangers, according to ecliptor. Interesting story. Astronema then says that something tells her
that her brother is alive, and Ecliptor tells her to not get distracted because she’s
the princess of evil. She agrees, saying to attack Earth. Smash cut to Batterax attacking civilians. DECA lets the Rangers know about it, and they
rush out, and we see the morphed Rangers already on the scene, helping people run away. The Rangers run forward, fighting the Batterax,
and now Ecliptor, Astronema, and Quantrons are showing out, turning them into an all
out brawl. Astronema then sees a mom and her kids getting
attacked by Quantrons, and the little girl falls down, calling for her brother… Andrew. And her name is Karen. No little girl is named Karen. Get out of here. Andros runs over, saving them from the Quantrons. Then, more Quantrons come toward them, and
he goes to slash them, but suddenly, he’s hit in the back by Astronema, who is a little
taken aback by what she did. Ecliptor is just as confused. Andros tells the family to run away. Astronema begins to leave, and Ecliptor calls
after her. Meanwhile, everyone is still fighting Quantrons
while the girls take on Batterax. Darkonda is also behind a bush, beckoning
Andros over. He thinks about it because everyone is still
fighting, but he ends up being an idiot, chasing him. Ecliptor rubs his chin. He keeps doing it, and it’s weird. Darkonda is running super fast through the
country, and Andros follows him on his Galaxy Glider back to the forest from the beginning
of the episode. He walks around, calling for Darkonda. Darkonda then throws his sword at Andros,
hitting him down to the ground. He comes after him, and it’s a good, old
fashioned sword fight. Have to admit, the amount of fights in this
episode are impressive and really well done. I mean, Andros is doing a lot of cool flips
while Darkonda is warping around. Eventually, the two are back at a bit of a
stalemate, and Darkonda has a proposition for Andros. He says that if Andros beats him, he’ll
tell him where his sister is. But if you lose– Andros says he doesn’t
make deals. Good for you, Andros. Stick by your morals. That’s actually a great lesson for kids. They’re swordfighting again, and Andros
kicks Darkonda back, right by the sensor for the lasers. Ecliptor is there, listening by the Galaxy
Glider, while Darkonda explains that Andros’s sister doesn’t even know that he exists. She was definitely old enough to have memories. Ecliptor then jumps in as Andros charges Darkonda,
pushing him away from the sensor to kill him, making Darkonda step on it in the process,
killing Darkonda in the process. Dude has a lot of lives. Ecliptor explains that he saved Andros, but
just once. That’s it. Okay, bye. Andros is mad because he’ll never find Karone
now. He returns to the fight in the streets, and
Astronema hits him down, and now, it’s suddenly Andros vs Astronema, which is a great and
interesting fight because I don’t think we’ve actually seen Astronema do hand-to-hand
combat yet nor any big baddie. Andros then hits Astronema’s locket off
of his neck, and she freaks out as the other Rangers stand in front of him as the Quantrons
and Batterax are running away. She yells for the Sattelasers, and Batterax
is giant now. Andros goes for Astronema, who disappears. Andros takes the time to look for the locket,
but he doesn’t see anything. It’ll have to wait. They call out the Astro Megazord. Now, it’s a Batterax vs Astro Megazord fight,
and yeah, Batterax is apparently a sound monster because he’s playing a frequency that’s
making all sorts of explosions on the Megazord. To the point that it falls to its knees while
the Rangers are struggling, but then they just fix it super easily thanks to Cassie. Whatever, they hit him with a laser whip,
everything is back online, so they use the Astro Megazord Saber, killing him. What a waste of a monster. Andros returns to the fiery battle scene,
now unmorphed. He’s walking around, looking for that locket
that he hit off of Astronema, and he finds it looped around some metal. Astronema is there, yelling at him to not
touch it. Andros holds it up, and he just opens it,
revealing his and Karone’s baby photos! Astronema takes it back, and Andros asks if
she could be Karone. He then says he’s always had his too, showing
her his locket, with the same photos. Andros is in awe, saying “you’re Karone. My sister”. Astronema is confused, saying it’s not true
because he killed her parents and her brother. Andros says no, I’m your brother. But, Astronema is angry, and she says “nice
try”, saying his tricks won’t work on her, teleporting out. Andros stands alone, in confusion as he stares
off. Darkonda is talking to Dark Specter, telling
him that Andros knows the truth, and if Astronema figures it out, she may stray, but Dark Specter
says no because his power over her is too strong for that. Darkonda says that Ecliptor may have ruined
this because he’s shown Astronema caring, so she may get too soft. On the Dark Specter, Astronema is screaming
about how Andros is a liar, and Ecliptor agrees that is a cruel trick. She walks away, mad, and Ecliptor rubs his
fucking chin again!! Stop it!! On the MegaShip, Andros is explaining to everyone
else exactly what happened before. TJ says he has to convince her that he’s
telling the truth, and Ashley says that she may not have any good left in her, and Andros
says that she’s wrong because inside Astronema is Karone. He just has to figure out how to reach her. The end. This episode covers so much that I’m sure
a lot of people already figured out from the jump, but yeah, Karone is Astronema, who is
Andros’s sister. This is honestly such a good plot line that
it’s really sophisticated for Power Rangers. I mean, a long lost sister we were introduced
to in episode 3 getting paid off in episode 26? That’s INCREDIBLE for Power Rangers. I really like this episode because of all
the amazing fights, but I do have to say, it got a bit dull at times only because it
was like “okay, we get it. It’s a fight. Let’s keep going with the story”, but
that may just be me. Next time, Astronema thinks twice. Literally. Until then, may the power protect you!