Caesar: This is the art of melting! Migz: Hey Carl you called me? Carl: Hey Migz I need help in my thesis report about the
art of melting. Migz: Come on Carl. Reporting is easy! Who are you even reporting to? Carl: Ma’am Garcia… Migz: Are you crazy Carl! You’re a dead man Oh my gosh you really do need my help. Ugh the flashbacks Carl: So Migz, can you help me? MIgz: Okay Carl, Just this once. Take these special earphones, which I have conveniently
brought, these will enable us to communicate during your entire presentation. And oh yeah., almost forgot. Take these index cards these will be your
guide for the entire report. okay so earphones on, index cards ready, prayers
offered. Let’s go! Carl: You’re a real lifesaver Migz. Migz; Don’t mention it Carl. You got this. Carl: Okay i can do this Carl: Good morning ma’am Garcia. Ma’am Garcia: Good morning Carl. What do you have for me today? Carl: *nervous* So…uhh i present to you
my long awaited thesis report on the art of melting. Carl: So Migz how do I start this out? Migz: Have you tried reading your index cards? Carl: Oh, Right! Carl: Melting at it’s most basic definition
is the phase change of matter that allows a solid to become a liquid. Melting occurs when heat or pressure is applied
to an object. A basic example of melting is… A basic example of this is cheese! Migz: Okay now, transition cheese into your
thesis report. Carl: So, Ma’am to explain further, my colleagues
and I will give a demonstration on the effects of melting. Carl: So, for the experiment you will need
a few common household materials, this includes: a sandwich presser, some quickmelt cheese
and two pieces of bread. After gathering all the materials, you can
begin to assemble the sandwich, after which you must place it on the presser and hold
it down. Carl: As the cheese melts, its viscosity decreases
making it more able to flow. Like cheese other solids can also melt at
a specific temperature called its melting point. When a solid is heated to its melting point,
its internal temperature increases. Which loosens up the molecules thus, allowing
the solid to move more. Migz: But Carl let us not limit ourselves
to the common household items. Even other worldly objects can bend to the
will of melting. Therefore even rocks can melt. Melted rock is more commonly known as lava. And how can we forget about glass. It’s in the windows of our car, the screens
of our phone, and even the mirrors in our bathroom. Modern life just wouldn’t be the same without
them. Glass is made out of sand and other materials. That are then melted at temperatures of 1700
degrees celsius. This is all made possible through melting! Ma’am Garcia: Given enough time the cheese
in the sandwich will melt to become a liquid. Giving the sandwich a rich brown exterior
and a soft chewy center. Very good presentation Carl but how can your
report be helpful to society? Carl: Oh no I didn’t think of how my report
can be relevant and useful, I only thought of making cheese sandwiches. Migz: *Spits* Are you crazy Carl?! Oh my gosh, let me just research. Okay. my phone, nothing. My book *gasps* nothing. Oh my gosh Carl, remember the ice caps? Due to melting, we have caused our world to
go in the process of global warming. This will cause a butterfly effect. Which will cause worldwide flooding. This is caused through greenhouse gases and
pollution. Carl: But to every problem comes a solution. We can all avoid this outcome by just: planting
trees, saving up on gas, or just throwing trash properly. Ma’am Garcia: *claps* Congratulations Carl,
what a wonderful report, and what a delicious cheese sandwich. I hope I learned a lot from you today. Migz: And we hope you did too! All: And this is the art of melting!!!