Were you are a huge Queen fan? Yeah, I love Queen
like everybody else, but I didn’t know the intimate
details of Freddie’s life, or Queen’s life. And it was just fascinating. As soon as I heard I
might even have the job, I just started watching
all the archival footage. Every interview I
could get my hands on. And then we weren’t
officially greenlit, so I flew myself out to London,
and started taking singing lessons and piano lessons. I sat down with choreographers
and I realized, oh, I don’t need a choreographer. Because this guy wasn’t– he wasn’t choreographed. He was spontaneous
in every moment. Every time he got
onstage, you never knew what he was going to do. And I wanted to have that
ability when I was out there. I never wanted the camera
to know where I would be, or what the other actors– I didn’t want them to
anticipate anything. So I worked with
a movement coach. So you just went– it was just freeform. Like when you would be on
stage, you would just move. Yeah, well she could call
something out, I’ll show you. OK. Yeah. I’d like to see it. OK. Well she just– [CHEERING] She could be– she’d go,
OK, say you have a bubble bath streaming down your back. And I’d be like, OK. And then she’d go,
now giraffe it. And she’d go, now serve
me some spaghetti. [CHEERING] It’d be little things like that. Wow. Yeah. And then we’d start
to put it together into a sequence of moves. And so that’s you in the film. It’s a combination, right? It’s a combination. I had to sing every single day. So I had to get my
voice right, so it wouldn’t go throughout
the course of filming. But eventually, Brian
May and Roger Taylor, the legendary members of Queen,
incorporated as much of Freddie as they could. And it’s mixed in with my voice
a little bit here and there, and another singer
named Marc Martell who’s got an incredible voice. But it’s done fairly seamlessly. Yeah. because I thought if you are
lip syncing, it doesn’t look it. So it’s you singing, and then
some of the times it is you, and some of the times–
but you’re always singing. Yeah, I’m always
giving it my all. But yeah, it’s mixed
in there, finally, with a whole lot
of Freddie Mercury. And then with wearing the
teeth, was that uncomfortable? It must have been at
first, very uncomfortable. I did– the teeth took
a while to get used to. Hard to talk in them,
hard to sing in them, and hard to kiss in them. But I appreciated them
so much by the end of it. I just felt naked without them. They were so Freddie. And– You kept them, right? I kept them, and then I
said, what would Freddie do? He’d keep something and then
he’d go full Freddie with it and do the most ostentatious
thing he could, so I–. Wait for it, Wait for it. [LAUGHTER] I had them cast in gold. Wow. [APPLAUSE] That’s fantastic. Yeah. My god. I’m not going to put
them in my mouth. No, you have a grill now. I have a grill. I have a Freddie
grill, and I think he’d be tickled by these bad boys. Yes he would. This is amazing,
well you’re amazing. I mean, you’re
great in Mr. Robot. You’re great and I
know that’s ending, so that’s got to be weird
to be winding that down. Yeah. But you’ve just got a
giant hit on your hands. This is an amazing movie,
so Bohemian Rhapsody is in theaters
everywhere tomorrow. Y’all gotta go see it. And whether you’re a
Queen fan or not, you’re going to love this
movie, We’ll be back.