hi everyone welcome back to my channel as
you can see i dyed my hair brown and i don’t know how to do a messy bun today we are going
to be going over the luxury magic mask by lindsay it comes with a cute little bowl and
spatula to mix. i’m gonna wear my cat headband to keep the
product out of my hair it even has cute little ears the firs thing i’m going to be doing
is opening packet one it has like an oozy goey gold mess that comes out but its fun
to pour the awesome thing about this mask is it has pure gold extracts collagen and
pearl extract so its very moisturizing for the skin so right now i’m just mixing the
second packet in with the first one the seconds more of a powder but its kinda cool cause
its sparkly so you’re gonna wanna mix that until it gets to about a toothpaste texture
and once you have it at that consistency you’re gonna wanna apply it all over your face it
gets a little bit messy but its still fun to put on now once you’ve put the mask on
you’re gonna wait for 25 to 30 minutes for it to dry when its fully dry slowly remove
the mask i like to make sure i get the mask off in one piece i think its more cool that
way now the great thing about this mask is that it wasn’t irritating to my skin and although
it look weird on the outside and bumpy it was very smooth and cooling it was a very
moisturizing feel my skin felt like baby skin and look how cool it looks i didn’t notice
any white heads being pulled out of my skin it was mostly just a moisturizing feel and
right after my skin looks awesome so soft i really recommend this mask thank you guys
so much for watching bye