Hi Viewers We have already seen the basic materials required for Resin Jewellery in the previous video, right? In this video, we will see how to use these materials to make Resin Jewellery Take some warm water in a bowl The warm water will keep the resin mixture as it is without hardening.. Lets see now how to mix these liquids Wear hand gloves for safety reasons(Resin may have allergic reaction on skin) and do this Jewellery on a butter paper to avoid damage to floor or table For mixing, take the two measuring cups, Read carefully the description and mixing proportions on the Resin bottle that you have I have a Epoxy resin that should be mixed in 2:1 ratio i.e, 2 Parts of Resin +1 Part of Hardner for example, I am taking here 10 ml of Resin and 5 ml of hardner here I took 10 ml of Resin in one cup and 5 ml of Hardner in another cup make sure the measurement is accurate for the liquids stir it continuously while mixing them into one cup This is the important step in Resin Jewellery .. the mixture should not have any bubbles in it stir this mixture continuously about 5 to 6 minutes to avoid formation of bubbles I will show how to remove bubbles in resin mixture in the next video.. Mix like this for about 5 to 6 min keep the measuring cup in the bowl having warm water I am going to show Resin Jewellery making on a Locket base using silicon molds Take the locket base now Take Seed Beads Now, pour 1-2 ml of resin mixture into the Locket base as shown in the video Drop the seed beads of different color as show in the video next drop gold color seed beads and lastly fill Locket with blue color seed beads I have filled the base completely with seed beads of different color pour Resin mixture again on top of the seed beads like this to cover all the edges of locket base cover this with a box to avoid falling dust particles into it.. We need to keep this box till the resin mixture gets cured – ( cure time- time taken for resin mixture to get hardened) I have now distributed the resin mixture into two cups and adding color-( green) to one part of the resin mixture one drop of color would be enough for getting the required texture for the resin If we need more dark color, you can add one drop to the mixture mix it well as shown in the video I have taken green color here and you can take any color of your choice Fill the silicon mold with this mixture now add glitters to another mixture of resin and stir it completely and fill the silicon mold with this mixture as well The cure time for the resin( Eproxy resin) that I took is 24 hours now drop pearls in these mixtures and a mat as shown in the video cover this as well with a box to avoid falling dust particles into it.. The cure time for this resin is 24 hours and 12 hours to separate them from silicon molds As you can see, the locket base is ready with our design with resin after 24 hours you can trim the edges with a sandpaper to sharpen and to remove any excess resin on the edges you can place any other materials in place of seed beads like – Clay, colour papers, leafs etc I will show those designs in upcoming videos I have removed the designs from silicon molds The demolding stage for resin will take 12 hours i.e, after 12 hours you can remove the resin designs from silicon molds As I said earlier, you can see sandpaper to shine and sharpen the edges of resin Jewellery adjust like this by using the sandpaper After the demolding time, you can remove the resin jewellery from silicon mold and the silicon molds can be used then for other design As you can see these are looking nice right you can use different glitters and colors to make the resin Jewelries of variety designs The resin can be used in making of Rings, Bracelets, Bangles and decoration items I will show those designs in next videos This will look good in parties and can be used for daily wear as well If you like the video, please do share and comment and please don’t forget to subscribe..! Thank you.