So this story starts on Thursday of last
week. We got a message on our Facebook page from Keanna who had lost a very
special locket down at Foster Lake which is just a
couple miles down the road from our factory here. Why did she message us? Well,
this is White’s Electronics – we build some of the best metal detectors on the
planet. We’ve been in Sweet Home Oregon since 1950… so we got the tools to find
this locket. What we didn’t have is somebody who was scuba certified. So I
put a post on our Facebook page asking if there’s anybody local who could help
us find this girl’s locket for her and you’ll see why it was so special in just
a minute. One of our dealers shared that post and his friend Nate in Salem who
helps run the dive shop there – he responded and said tell me when and where and I’ll be there. So this is what happened the very next day… All right so
I just got to the lake I’ve got the metal detector and scoop and Nathaniel
is already in the water. Who are you? Nathaniel Taylor. Why are you
here I’m here? To help somebody find a necklace. And why are you such an awesome
guy to come out here? Most of the people at Salem Scuba are
awesome guys! Always picking up after people… [sweet sounds from Surf P.I. metal detector] GOT IT! Awesome. I didn’t see a chain was there a chain
too? I don’t know… This is the important part.
Well that was quick! Hero of the day. Not really… That was awesome! Hey anytime you
need my help just call me. Keanna is down by the dock… Hey there. Hey – so you lost it here
somewhere? Yeah I lost it I’m right here in that
area. I was grabbing my pants and it literally just fell out of my back pocket. In this area. In that area? Okay, how long ago? How long ago was that? Three or four days ago. What’s special
about that about this piece of jewelry? My dad passed away in April and I just
got his ashes back and I put it in that necklace and like I didn’t want that the
necklace in the water… so I took it off Well then it obviously ended up in the
water…. Does this look anything like it? Yeah…. it does. You guys already found it? What?!? I didn’t find any chain with it. Oh
my god that was easy! Can I have a hug? Glad we could get it back for you You have no idea how much this means to me… Thank you so much! You’re welcome. Don’t take it
to lake anymore… Thank you guys so much… I’d like to thank my friends at Capitol Prospecting
cuz without their reposting that … I wouldn’t be out here to be able to help
today. I gotta admit I was pretty close to crying on the dock but uh. WANNA DONUT? That’s okay for my diet right? Yep. Alright guys, thank you so much. And now Voodoo Donuts! For a job well done… Delicious!