(bright music)
– Hey guys I’m Crystal Cruz with Ring, welcome to our house and this year’s Consumer
Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It’s 2020, we have some brand
new products to share with you to help make neighborhoods safer and brighter with Smart Lighting. First let’s talk about the Ring Smart Lighting Solar devices. We have three, we have the Floodlight, the Pathlight, and the Steplight. Now these are really
great options to light up any dark areas around your home, we’re talking about your driveway, or the paths maybe to your garbage can, or to your pool and even
the steps around your house. And with these you won’t
need electrical outlets or power lines because they
come with the solar panels right here on the top to
charge their batteries. Now these are really easy to install, they’re motion activated,
and with the Ring Bridge, you control them from your Ring app. And we also have our first
ever Smart LED Lightbulbs, these are a great way
to upgrade the indoor or outdoor light fixtures
that you already have and include them in your
Ring home security system. And with the Ring Bridge
you can easily turn these on and off, you can dim
them, set their schedules all through the Ring app. The new Smart Lighting devices
will be available April 1st. Next we have the X-Line, it’s
a premium line for anyone who likes their Ring devices
professionally installed. The bundle includes the
Ring Protect Basic Plan for the lifetime of the device, and a three-year limited warranty. The X-Line will be available through select professional
installers later this year. Available now is the Ring
Access Controller Pro, with this you can open your electronically controlled
gate through the Ring app. Now if you have a Ring
doorbell, or a camera, you can checkout your Live
View, see who’s at your gate, and you can let them in
from anywhere you are. The Ring Access Controller Pro is great for Amazon deliveries
because with Key by Amazon, your delivery driver
can get one-time access to securely deliver your
package inside your gate. You can get this now on
Ring.com or Amazon.com for $299. We look forward to seeing you build the Ring of Security around
your home with our new devices. It’s 2020, we’re just
getting started here at Ring, so stay tuned, and remember
with Ring, you’re always home.