What’s up guys! It’s Chris Majestic with Majestechs
and today I want to talk about one of my favorites, and that’s the Ring Video Doorbell. So stay
tuned. So the Ring Doorbell is an HD Video Doorbell.
So it can replace your existing doorbell and add a camera. Not only does it add a camera
but it adds cloud recording. So you can actually have video push out to the cloud and view
you can view them from your phone, from your computer, or wherever. But the cool part about
it is, not only does it record when someone presses the button, but it can also record
just motion. So if you get a package, you’ll know because you’ll have video of them actually
leaving the package on your step, even if they don’t hit your doorbell. “Are you in there?” “Not currently.” “That’s really cool!” So the cloud recording is not a free service.
It costs you about $3 a month or $30 a year, which really isn’t that expensive considering
what you’re getting. The doorbell can wire to your existing doorbell wiring, which allows
you to use your actual existing doorbell chime, and it will chime on your phone as well, and
it will also use those wires to charge it. However, if you don’t have a wired doorbell
you can still use it. It actually has a built-in battery that typically lasts about 3 months. They claim it can last up to a year but………….. Come on now. It’s not going to last you a year.
Installation for this is very easy. You’re just going to drill 2 holes, hang it place
of your existing doorbell or if you don’t have a doorbell you’re just going to put it
wherever you want. You can wire it up with the 2 wires from your doorbell. If you don’t
have any there you can just make sure it’s charged up before you put it out there. You
just connect your phone to your wifi, open the Ring app, and the setup process is very
easy. The only real negative thing I can say about the doorbell is that I get quite a bit
of false alarms. For some reason, no matter where I set the motion. You can actually adjust
the motion within 5 feet all the way up to about 30 feet and no matter where I put the
motion setting for some reason it just always picks up trucks, it picks up the mail truck,
it picks up school buses, so that is an issue. However, what’s weird is that if someone walks
up my driveway and approaches my steps, it doesn’t start recording or it doesn’t pick
them up until they get right at about 5 feet away from it, which is where I have it set,
which is very weird but for some reason it has an issue with cars. One of the most interesting
things about the Ring doorbell is the fact that Ring actually covers it for theft. So
if somebody decides they want to walk up and steal your Ring doorbell off your wall, which
could happen, Ring will actually cover it as long as you give them a police report,
which I think is pretty cool. So hopefully you found this video helpful. If you did,
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