Ring Video Doorbell and the Ring app
combined with the new Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt will give you a
full access control at a low budget to Your front door, stay at the top of the
Smart Home new technology with the Ring app and the Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi
Deadbolt, stay tuned and stick till the End of this video because I’m also
sharing a professional tip how you can Get the new Schlage Encode super secure
with my professional tip so don’t go anywhere!
seriously guys don’t go anywhere… oh i don’t feel so good, guys stick till the
end of this video okay… okay great I’m back awesome alright guys
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how you can get your house more secure Do-it-yourself and save money. okay let’s
move on the new Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt combined with the ring
app and the ring video doorbell now Will give you full integration from one
app to control your front door so if you install this new Schlage Encode Smart
Wi-Fi Deadbolt at your front door combined with your
ring video doorbell you will be able to See who is at your front door as usual
using the ring app but combining this Lock you will also be able to unlock the
door From the same app from the video, the
live video that you’re watching all in one application, one great integration
basically if you watch my other videos About the new Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi
Deadbolt, I make couple videos about this Lock because I’m really really a big fan
it’s basically All-in-one Keypad Deadbolt Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt so now
this lock doesn’t require any WiFi Adapter to connect to your home or
business Wi-Fi, you will be able to Connect and integrate the Schlage Encode
to your Wi-Fi almost instant, so it makes Things much easier much more convenient
and save time. the other good things About the Schlage Encode that it’s also
support up to 100 codes which is the Highest numbers of user codes by any
other brands so basically this lock Support up to so many codes. It doesn’t
really matter and nobody really gonna Use 100 codes but if it’s a small
business and you do want to install it in one of your offices inside of your
business if you are a business owner so That will work AWESOME, you will get so
many codes that you can provide to your Employees plus you can control
everything through your smartphone. There is so many different applications
that works with the Schlage Encode also the ring app, Amazon key and some other
applications as well you will be able to Control everything through your smartphone
just make things so much easy so that’s When it’s come to the ring app and the
new Schlage Encode. now let’s move to my Tip my professional Tip how you can get
the Schlage Encode and also the previous Versions such as the Schlage Sense and
the Schlage Connect more secure. so what You will need to do is one simple
upgrade, the upgrade is gonna be changing The actual cylinder. you will have to
purchase a separated kik cylinder we Call that by professional locksmith’s,
that’s basically replacing the Conventional regular Schlage cylinder.
so you can buy it online and I’m also Sharing a link down below in the
description of this video where you can Purchase this High-Security cylinder and
you are good to go, you will get a Higher Security key combined with Smart Wi-Fi
Deadbolt Schlage Encode that will give you more
security when it’s come to lock picking, Lock bumping and any of those standard
burglary techniques that we as a Locksmith’s use and unfortunately some
crooks out there use as well to break into houses and stuff like that, so
basically we the high security key you Will get a Higher Ssecurity level when
it’s come to a lock picking and lock Bumping and it’s gonna be very difficult
to do so. so that’s what I recommend now Let me show you guys how it looks and
again if you want to see my video about How to install the Schlage Encode smart
Wi-Fi deadbolt I shared before a link and you can also
check my previous videos about how to install it as well so let’s move on. okay
so we have the new Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt out of the box ready to
get installed and I also have the new High Security key cylinder let me show
you from close up how to install it the Right way. this is our new Schlage Encode
Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt outside of the box You can see here is the Schlage cylinder
the Schlage keyway that connect to the Actual keypad so basically it’s there in
case your battery died or if you want to Use a conventional standard key to open
the actual lock, now the disadvantage of This, is that this type of key way the
Schlage keyway is basically a standard Keyway so you can pick, bump it and as I
mentioned before. Here’s our new Hhigh Quality/High
Security Cylinder that you can purchase Online and you guys also have a link
down below in the description where you Can purchase it as well. now there will
be small modifications that we will have To do and let’s do the steps right now.
the first thing we will have to do is to Remove that screw that holding the
actual cylinder. okay after removing it There is a small clip that we’re gonna
remove and transfer to our new cylinder That’s the one, so we’re gonna put it
just like this… as you can see… all right Now the second thing is, because of the
length of the actual tailpiece it’s a Little bit shorter if you can see it
here this one is a little bit larger So that’s why it’s basically a longer
tailpiece so what we will have to do, we Will have to make sure that the old
cylinder matched the same size as the Actual new one otherwise it won’t work!
so you will have to cut it somehow, I use a vise grip and basically just forcing
and open it (cut it) so let me show you how to do too You can also use a pliers if you
want to do it that’s pretty easy I use 2 of them, so one i keep holding
where the… there is usually a lines on the Tailpiece so you’ll know like where to
cut it will also make it really easy and You want to bend it so I’m holding one
of them very strong then with the other one
I will just bend it just like this, there it is very simple so we did what would
you have to do. check that is the same Length… yeah looks good all right let’s
move on to the next step you’re gonna Put it back. we are almost done so there
it is guys this is how it looks see it From close up you will be able to lock
and unlock it now with a High Security Key. Very cool upgrade guys four Schlage
keypads so it does work with a Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt the
Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt, the Schlage Connect as well. alright guys
let’s move on I’m gonna put it on the Stand and I will show you the
integration with the ring app all right. Okay guys something very small to
mention is going to be the actual the Tailpiece so it’s got a face to your door hinges side so basically right now what I will have to do is to turn it
clockwise well the other side is is Basically turn it clockwise but that’s
how you got to do it guys because if you Don’t
so the key will not work let me Demonstrate what I’m talking about so if
you’re gonna put it the wrong way what will happen is…
when you want to lock it you will be Able to lock it but when you want to
remove the key it’s not gonna work right so you will be able to lock but when you
want to remove the key out it won’t work so the simple way is just to make sure
before you tighten the screws for the Mounting bracket and all that good stuff
that you face the actual tailpiece the Right way okay so let’s put it in as it
should be and now I was able to lock Remove the key and unlock and remove
key and that’s the right way to do it guys. okay let’s move on to the good
stuff the ring app integration. Okay so login to your ring app and then
go to setup a device, then you go to Locks and basically you will have to connect
it to Key by Amazon (app) Now before we gonna start doing that
what you will have to do is to download Key by Amazon app and integrate the new
Schlage Encode to work with this app so it’s got to work with this app before
you hit that Key by Amazon and connect it to your ring app now I do share link
right there up where you can watch my Full video of how to install and
integrate the Key by Amazon app so you Can watch that video later but let’s move
to the Key by Amazon and we’re gonna Connect it with this app and we’re gonna
do “connect”, open and we’re gonna “allow” Okay the front door it’s already
recognized that it’s a Schlage Encode. connect, choose front door that’s where it is “Success” so basically all is integrate
and let’s test it out. Oh no I’m not in the right place let’s
go to “devices” no one is at the front Door right now so I’ll have to go to my
“live view” and then see how that works. Okay so I see here on the bottom… yes on
the bottom right there is this small Lock button (padlock logo) so we’re gonna press that and it should open it. alright here we
are, so that works and it’s also sent a Notification, push notification which is
great and we can also lock it back and Guys this is a (real) live view from my front
door and let’s try it again… Look at that, pretty awesome guys that’s
how it works and this is the integration that I was
talking about, make everything so much Simple when there is someone at your
front door just like Full Access Control System at your house and I also share
links down below where it can actually Purchase the lock and also check out
reviews also about the ring video Doorbell the different versions and
that’s it guys. Okay guys we pretty much done here, so we
got the new Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt upgraded with High Security key
and fully integrate with the ring app so From your ring live view app you will be
able to gain access to the person at Your front door to your house that’s
pretty much it guys and also I share links Down below in the description of this
video where you can find the new Schlage Encode also the High Security
cylinder key and different versions of The ring video doorbells. don’t forget
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