-We reached out to,
[cheery music]some of our very good friends.
[Kit] -Oh, yes.
-They told us
what their favorite
minigames are,
-Right. and challenged us
to try them out. -Oh, now you’re on to
something good here.
-Stop it. -This looks really good.
-Stop making me laugh. Do it.
-Here we go.
Starting to feel a burn. [Nintendo Minute jingle] [cheery music]
-Hi, guys.
Welcome back to Nintendo Minute. We’ve cleared the room!
-What? -We’re wearing these clothes.
-Why am I wearing this?
[chuckles] -We look, ridiculous.
[happy chime]
-We’re gonna do some
Ring Fit Adventure. Yes.
-We’re gonna do some, Ring Fit Adventure.
Uh, we reached out to some of
our very good friends.Some of them are also playing
Ring Fit Adventure,
-Of course.
and they told us what their
favorite minigames are,

-Right. and challenged us
to try them out. I think we’re gonna do okay. Uh,
our first challenge is from–
-I don’t know. -RogersBase.
-Friend of the show, RogersBase. -Let’s have a look
at his challenge.
[Roger] -Hey Kit, hey Krysta. It’s Roger from RogersBase,
and I am actually currently
taking the Ring Fit challenge, and so I challenge you guys, to
play the Bank Balance minigame
from Ring Fit Adventure. That is my absolute favorite
minigame of the package. I play that almost
every day now, and I wanna see
how you two fare. So, have fun. [Krysta] -We’ll see.
-We’re doing these all on
the advanced setting, Roger. -What setting are you on?
Just kidding. You’re probably
on advanced too, aren’t you? [Kit] -Hashtag waist,
hashtag back, hashtag abs.
[laughter] -So, this one–
-Alright, so the idea here is, you’re kind of pressing it
inward to make the, um,
pole extend or contract, -Yes.
-and you’re walking
along the way, and you need to pick up
as many coins as possible.
[energetic techno music] But they’re also bombs,
is the problem. -I’m doing good.
Don’t talk to me. -Are you gonna be
a silent participant?
[laughter] -Don’t talk to me.
-Is this
a ‘don’t-talk-to-me’ moment? -Don’t talk to me!
-OK. You’re walking in place,
you can walk faster, if you wanna move faster.
-I’m doing it.
-I’m just saying. -I’m doing it. Look at me go!
RogersBase, look at me go! -There’s a lot more bombs
than on novice. -Oh, I’m doing really good,
I’m in the zone.
-Take that, Roger. -Yeah. Can I run?
No, just walking.
-It said walk. Don’t follow the instructions–
Oh, no, the bomb!
-Oh, no! -Oh, keep pushing, OK.
-Push through.
This is a good score. -This is a very good score.
-Yeah. Uh, this gets tricky,
waves of coins. -Oh, I missed a few here.
For 300, yes, yes.
-Alright, great. -Finished!
-Oh! -That’s a pretty good score.
A! A.
-Oh, A![Kit] -Record it. Record it.
[smooth hip hop music] -You’re recording this
under my profile,
so I’m gonna take the credit. [laughter]
[Krysta] -This is why
we’re doing this. You’re gonna show
all your friends–
[laughter] that, like, you got it.
They’re gonna be like,
“Recreate it,” and you can’t do it.
-I’m the best.
[laughter] -OK, so, good luck to you.
-Alright. I’m up.
[energetic techno music] Now, am I competing against you
or am I competing against Roger?
My question. [Krysta] -You’re competing
against yourself.
Personal best. -Oh. Well,
that’s not gonna go well.
[laughter] That never goes well.
-This is where me–
-PR? -Me having a score
on your profile is messing
with your personal best, ’cause now your personal best
is my personal best. You see how that works?
Do you get it? -Don’t do your best, do my best.
[laughter] My personal best
is your new personal best.
-That’s a little motto. Oh, this one’s
actually pretty good.
So far so good. You can let go and retract.
That’s actually a good strategy.
-Right. I didn’t do that because
I was like, I was like scared.
-See? Boom. No!
-That’s exactly where
I hit the bomb. -No, turn, turn, turn, yes.
-This is a wave of coins.
-What if I just, keep it right in the middle.
-Light movements. -That doesn’t work.
-Light movements. -You and I got the same–
-Well, we got the same!
-same score! -No, that can’t happen.
-Why? [Kit] -Alright, next challenge–
-Next challenge.
[smooth hip hop music] -is from a certain someone,
-Yes. [spunky techno music]
[MissClick] -Hey Kit,
hey Krysta, it’s MissClick. OK, so hear me out,
I’m really bad at this one, which is why I wanna see
you two do this as a challenge. Please don’t hate me.
You know I love you.
Good luck! [Krysta] -MissClick
challenged us to do
the Squattery Wheel. -Great name.
-But, then the names for these
minigames are amazing. -Hashtag legs, hashtag glutes,
hashtag chest.
-Hashtag chest. -Hashtag Squattery Wheel.
-But– -Let’s make that happen.
[laughter] But, she also did say
in her video that she
is not good at this one. -So, she wanted to see
if we could do that.
-I’m going to be honest, I’m not either.
This one’s tough.
-This is really tough, so. [Kit] -The idea here
is you have to recreate
the pottery outline, um, -Oh, no.
-and you’re kind of–
-Already failing. -You know, contracting
the Ring-Con to, you know,
[lighthearted music] decide how tightly
that that’s going to go. And you’re squatting down
to move it up or down. I have questions about what this
dystopia is, where these robots
are telling you to make pottery. Are you working for them?
Are they working for you?
I need the details. [laughter]
Oh, now you’re onto
something good here. This looks really good.
[Krysta] -Stop making me,
Stop making me laugh. -Oh my gosh, you’re so close.
-No it’s not!
-No, the top! [laughter]
The top. Oh! Stop where you’re at.
[laughter] Evaluate and quit?
-Really? These robots are also wearing
football helmets
if you hadn’t noticed. -I can’t breathe–
-Again, I just have
more questions. Your personal perfectionism
is getting in the way.
[laughter] Yes! Oh wow, that’s really good!
-THIS IS IT! This is it!
-That’s amazing. -This is it!
-I do like this detail.
[laughter] That’s good. Wow!
-That’s really good!
A rank. B rank!? -Alright. Now, I’m up.
-Here we go.
[smooth hip hop music] -I’m gonna show MissClick–
-Oh, yours is a different–
-Yeah, exactly. I’m going to show MissClick a
thing or two about what it means
to be not so skilled at this. -Well, she said
that she wasn’t either.
[lighthearted music] -General shape.
-I think I just need to,
get this… -Oh that’s pretty good.
Let’s just pray it falls apart. -Quit while I’m ahead.
-Why’d you do that!?
[laughter] -What’s wrong with that?
-This doesn’t look right.
-I think it’s close. Oh! Look at that.
-Is it the same point?
Oh no I beat you, yes! -Well, I’m not surprised.
I’m pretty proud of that.
-I think it looks bad. -The last time we did this,
I got zero. Literally zero, OK?
This is improvement! Thank you, Roger,
thank you MissClick.
[smooth hip hop music] [Krysta] -We’re gonna
challenge each other now,
to something. You know
we’re mean to each other,
so we’ll be right back. -Alright.
This is where it’s goin’.
[cheery techno music] -Oh no.
-We’re out of the minigames.
We’re into this. -This is where it’s going.
-I don’t know
how to pronounce this… Pectoralis major? I don’t know.
I did this once before.
I got a score of 102. -That’s an A rank.
-Um, so I need to do this
for 20 seconds. First 10 seconds,
my experience was good. The last 10 seconds
were a struggle.
[laughter] Don’t expect me to say anything
for the last 10 seconds. -Don’t laugh.
-It’s the
Explosive Challenge you see? -Oh boy. Okay. Here we go.
-Get ready to explode.
[spunky dance music] -Here we go.
[automated voice] -Ready? Go!
That’s it! Knock ’em out!
-Yes. Here, we, go.
Starting to feel a burn. -Oh, no the last 10 seconds!
Not going well.
-Argh. -It’s not going well.
-Get in– yes! Yes!
-You need two more. -Whoo!
-That oh, that’s hard.
[smooth hip hop music] -Deep breath.
-Cleansing breath.

-Tranquility. Here we go. 106 is the number.
[spunky dance music][automated voice] -Ready? Go!
-Oh. This is a good start.
Real strong out of the gate. -Oh no. Oh no!
-Oh but here comes
the second half. [laughter]
[Krysta] -Keep it up!
-Oh, you’re close! -Keep it up!
-Oh you, you’re at the hundred!
[smooth hip hop music] One oh one.
-Three away, come on!
-No, no, five away. -Oh dang it!
[Kit] -From dying.
Don’t forget that’s me.
[laughter] Don’t tell people
that it’s not me.
‘Cause I feel like– -I wouldn’t tell people
that my worst score is me. -What if someone
gets a worser score?
There’s still– -Won’t be me.
Can’t relate.
Hashtag can’t relate. [laughter]
-Stop it!
-Nope. -Alright.
-What now?
-I think we should do this one. [cheery techno music] [Kit] -OK.
-Can you even lift your knees?
That’s my question. [fake bone-cracking noise]
-That’s the challenge. -I have not done this before
so we’ll see how it goes.[automated voice] -Ready? Go!
-Lift ’em.
[spunky dance music] -That’s it. Nice!
-High stepping.
[laughter] -Yes. We’re off to the races–
-With a smile on my face! -Yes, yes, yes, yes.
-You can do this.
This isn’t hard. Yes, yes, yes, yes.
-OK, OK.[Krysta] -Oh, S rank, S minus.
[Kit] -S!
-S minus.
Alright, your… turn.
-Alright, let me make sure–
[smooth hip hop music] -Ready? Go!
-What are you do– -We’re going!
[spunky techno music] -The mic is gonna fall off.
-No it isn’t. The mic is not
gonna fall off. It’s fine. Faster. Quicker.
-Better than a mic
than my pants. [laughter] Oh. Yes!
-Oh. No! Oh.
[laughter] -Yes!
-Oh no.
[smooth hip hop music] -No S minus.
-By four! I mean, yeah.
-Record. -That’s not fair,
your legs are longer than mine.
-Here come the excuses. -That’s why.
[Kit] -Time to sit down.
-Yeah, we could sit down. We can eat a nice meal now
and not feel guilty, maybe? -Thank you again, RogersBase.
Thank you, MissClick. -Yes, your challenges were
very fun. Um, we love for
you guys to give these a try. Let us know if you are playing
Ring Fit Adventure.
It’s really, really fun, so hope you guys give it a try.
We’re gonna wrap it up for today
and remember: -Nintendo Minute
is never a minute.
-We’ll see you next week! Bye!
[cheery music]