Ring road. Ring road. Ring road. Road in a
ring. Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here bringing you your weekly ROUND up of everything new in the world of Rust and right
now over on the staging branch, (there it is…) You can run round and round the new
ring road until you get dizzy or shot.. whichever happens soonest. What am I talking about? Well, as threatened,
a big change that will hopefully make Rust’s road system more sensible and tidier.. has
now been rolled out onto the staging branch in readiness for the big patch to main and
forced wipe on February 6th.. Gone are the days of the drunken spider-like
road network that didn’t really seem to be something a sane human would dream up.. and
instead we’ll now have a new procedurally generated roundabout like system.. A bit like
the M25 but less congested.. hopefully.. This it how it seems to be working.. A single
main road will now run around the island’s girth in a loop.. Warehouses, Gas stations
and Spermkets will appear along the ring road itself instead of at dead ends and other weird
not very commercially viable plaaces.. and main monuments will have roads branching off
to join them.. It’s a work in progress and still needs a
tweak here and there it seems, but come next month I’d imagine these’ll all be ironed out.. I’m speculating that this is all necessary
groundwork being laid for the modular vehicle update.. whenever that happens, along with
other changes mentioned recently such as not being able to build on roads now.. I’m wondering
whether this could also be something that’ll allow Bradley to trundle around the island
in future in search of nakeds to blast, as was the plan at one point (not sure if it
still is).. But you know I’ll tell you as soon as I find out.. Another thing merged to staging recently was
the first iteration of the new life-stats UI, accessed via the death screen, and it’s
a nice little summary of your activity so far, allowing you to keep track of such metrics
as distance walked and run.. damage taken and healed, time spent in different areas
and using various modes of transport, and players, scientists, and animals killed.. Whether there’s more to be added to this,
such as number of Rees, dodgy pickles consumed and hackers encountered remains to be seen..
But why not let me know in the comments what stats you’d most like access to? In other changes, a fix for the infamous “being
able to loot through buildings by leaning whilst on a horse” exploit seems to have
been actioned.. So my sincere condolences to any of you who really enjoyed that one.. And there were a few other small fixes to
sort out issues with the new igniter, the map not zooming properly, and to ensure the
game always saves the config when exiting.. In works in progress.. Vehicles… That’s all I’ve got to say about
that.. Still don’t know when they’re coming.. Maybe next month? Lot’s of work still happening
on them, and the ring road is done now so.. who knows, we’ll find out more next week probably
so stay tuned.. There’s more work going on to improve hitboxes,
plenty of HDRP progress, which is the big, long term project.. Another round of fixes
for the tree MINIGAME, which seems to be enhancing the way markers are generated.. And there’s
a handy new console command for admins.. ‘teleport2owneditem’ and here’s how to use it.. in the console
type teleport2owneditem followed by the player’s ID or name and then optionally the name of
the entity you want to find.. If you don’t specify this it’ll just teleport you to a
random entity owned by that player.. Quite useful for locating bases if you know what
I mean.. Lastly, and as with the vehicles I have no
idea when this’ll be merged.. but much work is being ploughed into the new update to farming
that so many of you are simply gagging to get stuck into.. As well as a complete rework to plant genetics,
fertiliser and a compost bin, all of which I’ve mentioned previously.. According to the
commits, it seems like we’ll also finally be getting our hands on some potatoes, and
you may remember me showing you models of these back in 2018.. so they’ve been hanging
around in the soil for quite a while now.. In addition to this.. And just when you’d
mastered electricity it looks like you’ll have to go back to college and learn plumbing,
as the commits seem to reveal that there’ll be a new sprinkler system added, presumable
for watering plants, although I can think of other uses, such as dousing the odd house
fire or wet rad suit contests.. Ooh And to help with plumbing this stuff in there’s
going to have to be a hose tool – I guess much like the wire tool – and systems will
either need to be gravity fed or use a pump to ensure successful moistening.. Sound good to you? Or is this all too nerdy
and you’d rather just shoot people instead? Let me know please in the comments.. Please consider funding my habits here with
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