Ring finally has an indoor home security camera,
the Stick Up Cam, and we’ve been testing it out. Ring already makes some of our favorite outdoor
security cameras, a popular video doorbell and its recently introduced home security
system is very promising. This camera is just as good. It’s the second to carry the Stick Up Cam
name. The first, introduced a few years ago, was
an outdoor model. This one is geared towards indoors but it’s
weather-proof so can be used outside as well. The image from the camera is among the best
I’ve seen from an indoor camera and its motion-sensing abilities are equal to or better
than many competitors. The camera provides a sharp 1080p, high-definition
picture. There’s a 150 degree field-of-view so it
will see most of your room and more than the Nest Cam IQ Indoor, which is the leading camera
from Ring’s biggest competitor. The Nest camera has HDR, which helps even
out bright and dark areas of an image, and that’s not in the Ring camera, but the image
from Ring is still very good. Personally, I’d rather have the wider view
than HDR on a security camera. There is video motion detection that can be
armed and disarmed. When it’s on and detects movement, it can
be set to automatically record if you had a $3 per month Ring Protect plan. If not, you’ll get an alert on your phone
and have to jump on a livestream from the camera. Sensitivity can be adjusted through five levels
and user-defined motion detection zones can be set to perhaps exclude areas that constantly
trigger alerts. You can set a schedule so that motion detection
runs at certain times of day, say when you are normally out, but right now there is no
way to automatically arm and disarm the camera when leave and come home. Ring says integration with the alarm system
is coming so it will do that, but it wasn’t available when we tested. The camera sits on a well designed mount that
means it can be aligned vertically on almost any surface. The Stick Up Cam Wired is the first of three
in the new Stick Up Cam range – they differ by how they are powered. The Wired, as its name suggests, takes power
from a cable. There’s a USB socket on the back – that’s
quite common – and it ships with an indoor and outdoor USB power cable. But, what’s unusual is that it also supports
Power Over Ethernet. That involves sending power down an Ethernet
networking cable and has a range of 100 meters or 330 feet. The Ethernet also, of course, carries the
video feed so you don’t need to worry about WiFi range. It’s a really good idea if, say, you want
a camera at the end of a long driveway or at the end of a large garden. The other two cameras in the range are a battery-powered
model and one that comes with a companion solar panel. They are due in 2019. Installation was as easy as sitting it on
a ledge, but Ring also supplies cable clips, screws and plugs for more permanent mounting
indoor or out. As Ring is owned by Amazon, the camera integrates
well with Amazon Alexa, not so well with Google Assistant, so consider that if you have an
existing smart home setup. Overall, the Ring Stick Up Cam Wired is a
solid indoor security camera. Its image quality is good, the motion detection
settings are easily fine-tuned, and the monthly cost for video recording is among the lowest
available. TechHive rated it 4 out of 5. This is a natural choice for anyone with a
Ring Alarm system, but you should also consider this if you want a stand-alone camera to watch
over an area and don’t need it to tie into other systems. If you want an outdoor camera, take a look
at Ring’s more capable outdoor models.