These are all 24 karat gold bands. Hello, I’ll be right with you. They’re at the top of your budget… I’ll get you anything you want. Get my cookie anything she wants. I’ll be right back. Can I help you? Gold. I’m interested… in gold. Yeah. We have some very nice pieces here. Come closer. Closer. Closer. Closer. This. Give it to me!
Of course! Ok. Here you go. Grow. Grow. More! Police! Don’t move! Drop your… weapon, put your hands on your head. Do it now! Do what I say, lady! Lady. I like the sound of lady. Get on the ground and you won’t get hurt. Unit five, I need backup at Fenix Jewelers. Shots fired. I repeat, shots fired. Get down! It’s been too long
since I raised my beautiful creatures. Did you miss me? Oh, my God. Kill him!