Hey y’all! This is Stacie from RVTexasYall.com. Tom’s behind the camera. [Tom: hello] Today we’re at Holiday World
in Katy, Texas and we thought we’d show you a very unique teardrop camper. This is [to people passing by on a golf cart:
How’re you doing?] This is a Silver Shadow made by Little Guy
in Ohio. This is a special camper. We hear that 500 of these were made. This is a 2016. So we thought we’d show you. It’s a woody. If you think back to the old station wagons
the woody station wagons. It’s got that same look and feel. Cute little trailer. It’s about 1,000 pounds so we thought we’d
take you and show you around. This is the kitchen. It’s on the back. The top just opens up on hydraulics. You’ve got a sink, a 2-burner stove, storage
back here. You’ve got your stereo speakers, a place to
put a TV, a charging center for your phones and your mobile devices. Work space right here. You’ve got this drawer comes out to hold a
Norcold refrigerator. Then you’ve got some storage in here. A place for your sponges. And then a good size outside storage bay right
here. [Tom: that’s your propane connection down
there] Oh yeah, you’ve got a propane connect down here. You just hook up a bottle to it. [Tom: it’s a Coleman bottle that you hook
up to it] Okay. And yeah so this is a nice little you know
it looks like a kitchen which is great. It doesn’t look like it’s on the back of a
teardrop camper which it is. Very efficient. [Tom: it will fit in a garage. This will fit in a garage.] Yes, this is low as you can see so you can
definitely keep it in your garage. Nice thing you don’t have to pay for storage. We really like the classic look of this the
white wall tires and the woody. Very cool. You’ve got your outdoor light here. Your screens that come down. Around the front you’ve got a window. You’ve got your protective coat here for your
rocks and things as you’re going down the road. You can pull this with practically anything. It only weighs 1,000 pounds which is nice. You’ve got your place for your battery right
here. And it does have a battery disconnect switch
which is great. You don’t have to physically unplug the battery
you just hit the switch. If you’ll come around on this side. This is what it looks like with your doors
closed. It’s got 2 locks on it so very secure. Then you just door stays open like that. If you have the doors closed you can also
open your windows. You’ve got the screen on the windows which
is nice. And here again, you’ve got this screen you
can pull down for maximum ventilation. [Tom: really nice] Then if you want to come
inside. Inside you can comfortably sleep 2 people. You’ve got an air conditioning unit right
here. This is a 30 amp trailer so believe me I have
a feeling that even on a hot Texas day you’re going to be nice and cool in this Little Guy! You’ve got a fantastic fan not a small fan
but an actual fantastic fan up here which is nice. You’ll have maximum ventilation. Here’s the on/off switch for that. Or maybe that’s for the lights. I’m not sure it’s not hooked up right now. [There’s your TV] You’ve got a place for your
TV right here, another charging station. You’ve got a stereo over on this side as well
as [Tom: I’m sure that stereo probably works for the outside too] It probably does and
it is a Jensen stereo. And then you’ve got another charging station
right over here behind that. [Tom: and obviously this box right here is
what your battery goes in] That’s your battery right they’ll put that on front to hold your
battery. You’ve got another charging station up here. So there’s charging stations all over this
thing. Got some storage up in here and also on the
other side. Here’s your smoke alarm. And then you’ve got this there’s one on each
side that’s your cup holder. More storage behind the bed and then a window
right up here. And your fire extinguisher. [Tom: yeah] Speakers up above. So really you know if you’re going for a weekend
and you really want to spend your time outside this is a great little option. Really like it. Seems very well made. You’ve got additional storage in here for
books and things like that. Games maybe. It’s a nice little thing. And it’s very unique. I’m going to scoot out. Very unique as it is a Limited Edition. So again this is the 2016 Silver Shadow teardrop
camper made by Little Guy up in Ohio. If you see one of these on the lot, check
it out. They’re pretty cool. Thanks for watching. This is Stacie with RVTexasYall.com. Tom’s behind the camera. We’ll see you next time. Happy travels.[trailer begins] Thanks for
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