In Goa, there was a woman who lived quite close to our old home, a five or ten minute walk away… She spotted a drumstick tree near her house. The tree was laden with drumsticks. She went there and plucked a lot of those drumsticks surreptitiously. She stole them. She was coming in the direction of our home. While walking, she happened to touch her earlobe and realized that her earring was missing. It was a fairly large gold earring, and it was missing from one ear. The woman started crying. She left her bundle of drumsticks there and came running to Masterjee. “Masterjee, I have misplaced my earring, I don’t know where it’s fallen!” (it was one of her few possessions) Masterjee checked her horoscope. “You have Andhaksha Nakshatra,” he told her. “You will find your earring, be patient and keep the search on, it will come to you,” he reassured her. This woman kept looking for it, but did not find it. One day, as I was sweeping the yard, this woman came along. She said to me, “I have still not been able to find my earring.” I said to myself, “You steal, take other people’s drumsticks… naturally, God will give you such experiences if you go about taking what is not yours.” She could have bought drumsticks worth four annas – it would be enough to feed herself… she lived alone… While we were speaking, something poked her bare foot, and she bent down to see what it was. It had rained that morning… What had poked her foot was the same earring that she had misplaced – and here it was, at our doorstep! Baba had brought it and kept it at our door! She was so happy that she touched my feet in gratitude. She said, “God has arranged for my earring to be found at your door! There is a football ground and bus stand outside, there are hundreds of people moving about, how is it that no one else found it? How did it find its way to your door?” I told her, “I must have stolen it!” I was amused. I said, “I had stolen it, and that’s how it reached my door.” She laughed, did her Namaskars, and joyfully went home. Wasn’t that a miracle? The earring had been misplaced somewhere near the drumstick tree, at quite a distance from our home, many weeks ago, and in the rains, it had been washed up to our door (outside Baba’s temple shrine), and nobody else found it, but she herself! If you steal from another, you may benefit once, but you will lose tenfold elsewhere. Therefore never take what is not yours, always be content with what you have. That’s it!