Item #: SCP-427 Object Class: Safe* (see containment procedures) Special Containment Procedures: SCP-427 displays
no means of self-locomotion or malicious intent at this time, and requires only minimal containment.
Due to SCP-427’s adverse effects, only medical staff of Class 3 or above may handle or utilize
it. All personnel using SCP-427 must record their
total time using it in order to avoid unwanted mutations. *Instances of SCP-427-1 (colloquially referred
to as “Flesh Beasts”) created by SCP-427 must be killed immediately as it is impossible
to communicate with or experiment on them safely. For this reason instances of SCP-427-1
are classified as Keter level. Description: SCP-427 is a small, spherical,
ornately carved locket made of a polished silver material. The ornate carvings do not
seem to serve any function; it is unknown whether SCP-427’s outer casing was crafted
by sentients or not. Its circumference at its widest point is roughly 3 cm. SCP-427 was created after placing a pill of
SCP-500 in the Input booth of SCP-914 and using the Fine setting. It displays no unusual
activity when closed. When opened, a small glowing orb is visible at the center. The
orb emits no radiation or energy aside from the visible spectrum. When SCP-427 is opened and exposed to biological
tissue, it rapidly regenerates cellular damage and somehow is able to purge invading compounds
or infections. As a standard of measure, the Common Cold takes 3 to 10 days to be worked
through the human immune system and eventually removed. In the presence of an opened SCP-427,
this time is reduced to 2 to 4 minutes. Its healing abilities are directional, so anything
not in line of sight with the central orb experiences no effects. However, long-term exposure produces a significant
health hazard. As the locket heals damage, it optimizes the body’s natural systems. Resistance
to disease and toxins is increased by 500% compared to accepted LD50 or death-rate values
after a total of 10 minutes of exposure, and 1000% after 15. After 15 minutes of exposure,
muscular systems begin optimizing, increasing strength and pain tolerance by 200-300%. All
other systems continue to optimize. Class-D personnel exposed to the device for over an
hour total began mutating into a shapeless mass of tissue. The conversion time accelerates
with continued exposure to SCP-427. The “Flesh Beasts” (so named due to their
appearance) created by SCP-427 are incredibly aggressive, attacking any and all personnel
on sight with lethal results. They are highly resistant to most known weaponry, but can
be disabled with sufficient shock trauma or heat in excess of 1100 degrees Celsius (2000
degrees Fahrenheit). Intelligence cannot be accurately gauged, but mapping of biological
enhancement of the brain as a direct relationship with optimization of other systems suggests
intelligence could exceed levels measured in humans when fully transformed. SCP-427 is currently being used as a partial
replacement for SCP-500 pills, as it can cure most anything SCP-500 is able to. All “optimizations”
imparted by SCP-427 are cumulative. Oversight has deemed the side effects an “acceptable
risk” but users must carefully record their total exposure time as sufficient mutations
are grounds for termination.