Hi guys! This is Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay Tutor
and this is the introduction video to my paid tutorial series Cymbidium Orchid Pendant. Now, I’ve got this beautiful Cymbidium Orchid
that we can create using the Wilton Gum Paste Flower Set. And I’m gonna show you some really neat
tricks to using the cutters from the sets so that we can make the larger pendant or
the smaller pendant with the same size cutters. I’ll also show you some tips if you don’t
have the cutters and how to do it on your own as well. They’re absolutely stunning. You can use them for pendants like we’re
going to be using in this tutorial but you could also use them for other projects as
well. I’ve got a headband down here where I’ve wired
one of the orchids onto a headband. You could also put it on a clip, a brooch. I’ve actually done this one on a… added
it to a silver spoon Bail and I’ve done a tutorial on how to make silver spoon Bails
in the past, and I thought this would be a neat use for putting the orchids into. And then I also want to mention that this
is really a useful tutorial for those of you who already have the Gum Paste Flower cutter
set, because we’ve done a bunch of tutorials using those cutters already in the past. And I’ll just show you the examples here,
I’ve got the Dogwood flower technique we did. We also did a Calla Lily pendant from those
cutters. We also did some little tiny Forget-me-not
beads and some Daisy beads from that set. So it’s very versatile and those of you
that already have that are going to very much love to be able to now make these gorgeous
Cymbidium Orchids. So we’ll see you in the next video of this