Hello and welcome to another video brought
to you by AllFreeJewelryMaking.com and KeepsakeCrafts.net. Today we’re going to make these great dangly
hoop earrings made with seed bead dangles in a great pattern. I’ll show you how easy
it is to put them together. So to make these earrings you will need two
4″ pieces of 22 gauge ear wire or if you prefer you can purchase wire that’s already made
into a hoop. I had a package of these which I’ve used up and it occurred to me that really
it’s just an eye pin that’s been bent into a circle so it’s nothing too complicated and
it’s certainly something that you can make yourself and I’m going to show you how. So
it’s up to you. Two 4″ pieces of 22 gauge wire or two hoops like these. Fourteen head
pins, a few, I think you only need 16 seed beads, clear or silver or whatever color your
findings are to match. And I’ll explain why in a minute and then seed beads in your choice
of colors. I picked this blue mix that I really love, but it’s a really great look to have
them all in these colors. It’s really pretty. It would be nice for a wedding or something
springy or consider just a mix of all different colors, it would look great just random. It
would look great with anything. Anyway, to get started the first thing we’re
going to do is make a loop at one end of our 22 gauge wire and you do that by grabbing
onto it with a pair of round nose pliers and just keep twisting until the end of the wire
meets itself. Use your pliers and flatten that out and then go ahead and grab that loop
and bend it. And that’s called breaking the neck so that there’s a bend there and the
loop stands centered on the wire. Then we’re going to be using our 1″ dowel to make shaped
hoop. Go ahead and put the eye right flat against the dowel and hold it flat against
the dowel and then just wrap the wire the rest of the way around. You can use any round
shape that’s approximately an 1″ in diameter and that’s it. It’s that simple and then you
can repeat to make your other. Now after you have made your hoop, your wire
hoop, you just want to take a minute. Find some kind of a surface. You can buy a bench
anvil which I haven’t yet. I’m just using this piece of hard board with an old piece
of rotary cutting mat on it to bang on and a little jewelry hammer. And just bang on it. You don’t
have to exert a lot of force. You don’t have to beat it up or flatten it out by no means.
Just this little bit of banging will actually serve to work harden your wire, which is all
you really need to do and that will help it keep its shape. Next thing we’re going to do is start stringing
seed beads onto eye pins and this is the tedious part. It takes a little bit of time to put
them on. This squishy little mat actually helps and you might have a better time of
it than I did because this particular mix, the beads are not consistent in size nor are
they consistent in diameter so there are some, they were actually too small to go onto this
size eye pin. And you’re just going to keep stringing and each earring has seven dangles
on it. So I’ll show you. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. So of course the longest
is in the middle and on the longest one, you’re going to string, let me see if I’ve got these
right, an inch of seed beads. You’re going to string an inch of beads. Then on the next
two, you’re going to string 3/4″ of seed beads. On the next two, you’ll string 5/8 and then
on the last two, you’ll string 1/2″ of beads. So the biggest jump is a 1/4″ difference between
the middle one and the one on either side of that because that really emphasizes the
point of the ‘v’ and then we go down an 1/8″ from there. So once you have that done, you
want to do that twice and then we just make loops at the end of each of these to make
these into dangles. And I’ll show you on one of these how to make
a loop. You will need a pair of chain nose pliers and a pair of round nose pliers and
it’s the same way I showed you how to make loops many other times. There they are all
finished and let me just grab one and show you. Now when you grab this with your chain
nose pliers, these are glass beads. Most seed beads are so be careful that you don’t grab
onto the beads because you’ll crush it and then little tiny bits of glass will go flying.
Not a good thing. So give yourself a little room so you don’t crush the bead and then
bend your eye pin to a 90 degree angle. Put your round nose pliers right in that bend
and start your loop. You’ll only be able to get about that far. So reposition your round
nose pliers, finish your loop, get a nice pair of close cut wire cutters and trim off
the excess and then use the flat part of your round nose pliers to flatten that out, again
moving the beads out of the way so you don’t crush them. Otherwise you have to remake it.
Not fun. Shape your eye nicely and there we go. So once you have all of your dangles made,
again this is enough for one earring, then it’s time to string them on to your hoop that
you made. Actually before we do that, there’s one very important thing you need to do. If
you’re going to make your own out of wire, you need to take a file and file down any
rough parts, any burrs. It only takes a moment, but you or whoever is going to wear these
are will thank you and you actually don’t want to file it to a point, but make it flat.
And then it’s time to string on one of your clear or silver or if you’re using gold, gold
seed beads and the reason why we do this, you’ll see it when it’s done is that it makes
the, it spreads out our dangles a little bit so they hang more independently, a little
more nicely and using clear or a color that matches the hoop just makes them look like
they’re floating. And you can certainly experiment with other beads. So I’ll be back once I’ve
got these strung on and I’ll show you how to finish it. Alright so I’ve gone ahead and strung on all
my bead dangles and also the seed beads and you can see these clear seed beads just act
as spacers and because they’re clear they just kind of make these look like they’re
floating. So the final step to finish up your earrings is just to go around this end not
quite a 1/4″ down and give it a gentle bend. You don’t want it too bent because this is
what’s going to hook into the loop after you put it through your ear and that’s it. All
done. So here’s another look at our very cool earrings.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this project and that you’ll give it a try. Be sure to check out KeepsakeCrafts.net for
more jewelry and crafting ideas and inspirations. Thanks for watching.