Hi Viewers..! Now, let’s see how can we make Silk Thread Leaf Bangle This is very easy to make and the materials required for this are… Khada Bangle Glue Cutter Ball Chain and Stone Chain Viewers.. firstly take the silk thread in 20 strands stick one end with glue and leave the other freely like this Next apply glue to the inner side of the Khada bangle stick the silk thread taken in 20 strands previously and wrap it line by line If you want to see how to take this thread, and for wrapping, you can refer to my previous video on “Checker model”. wrap the whole bangle like this As you can see I have finished wrapping Now apply glue exactly in the middle of the bangle and we need to stick the stone chain apply glue like this exactly in the middle as shown in the video As said, I have applied glue and now stick the stone chain on glue applied stick the stone chain exactly in the middle of the bangle and cut the excess stone chain using a cutter As you can see, I have stuck the stone chain in the middle of the bangle and on its both side we need to stick ball chain for that apply glue just beside the stone chain apply glue like this for the whole bangle stick the ball chain by moving and adjusting the bangle and in the same process stick another ball chain on the other side of this stone lace and then bend the ball chain in a leaf shape and take the length as measurement cut the small piece of ball chain measured with a cutter bend it fully so that the leaf shape will appear neatly on the bangle apply glue in a leaf shape stick the ball chain and adjust/press it to look properly in a leaf shape in the same way, stick another leaf to its opposite side To stick on opposite side, I have already measured and cut the ball chain apply glue stick it after bending it in leaf shape again apply glue below this and stick another piece of ball chain in a leaf shape and stick one by one like this through out the bangle on both sides Viewers, I have almost finished placing all the leafs on the bangle It will look so nice after the glue gets dried lastly I am finishing this design by sticking the last set of leafs Next, cut the stone lace into small pieces of stone chains having 3 stones each using the cutter We are going stick these small stone chain in the leafs We need to stick them on left corner of left side leafs and right corner of right side leafs apply glue like this and stick the small stone lace stick the stone laces in all leafs like this to the complete the Leaf bangle As you can see, I have stuck all the chains in all leafs.. lastly I am showing it for last leaf apply glue in the corners stick the stone lace and adjust it properly It will look so good after the glue gets dried.. This will suite for women in all occasions like parties,functions and for casual wear and look good with any matching dress/saree combinations as you can, the glue almost dried out and our Leaf Bangle is ready now:) You too can try making this If you like this video, click on like button share with your friends and family and please don’t forget to subscribe… Thank you..!