This video is meant to be a guide to finding all the giant rings in each level, preferably in one run I’ll be playing as Sonic solo for most rings, to show how you can reach them without flight/climbing abilities You can also spindash jump toward the platform on the right, if you find it easier For Knuckles, take this small ramp up to the middle level to reach the yellow spring from the left I used to prefer taking the top path, but I think this way is faster and less luck reliant Make sure you’re holding left while jumping into this wall The most important aspect of making it up here is the timing This giant ring is the same one you can reach from the pit directly to the left of the final checkpoint If you’re having trouble reaching the pully, try not holding right as you fly across the fans Anyone know what happened to the bubble shield monitor here? Note: You don’t have to kill yourself if you’re Tails or Knuckles, since they can swim/climb back You can actually take either the upper or lower path here Though if I’m not mistaken, the lower path is a bit faster even though it’s underwater Fun fact: Someone told me that they actually missed this ring, despite playing this level quite a bit I’ll admit that I didn’t fully explore all of the optimal routes to getting all the giant rings in this act It’s a rather large map, and there’s probably many ways to get to each ring. This is just one path that worked I’m not sure how to make these spikes consistently cooperate. It might be based on positioning, or luck ??? If you have a fire shield, you can skip grabbing this invincibility It’s actually better to just walk left on these walker machines, rather than jump, to avoid going up to the conveyor belt For a while, I thought this ring was Tails only until I found this hidden spring *or Sonic&Knuckles Just to clarify, the lightning shield is required to jump into the ring itself, not to clear this gap here There is another lightning shield directly to the left if you still need one