On your mark…get set…and go!!! A race? Today! Oh boy I’m so sure to win! What? a race?!? So that is what Sonic is up to. ha ha ha! I know… I will go and win Sonic in the race, and I will use my new machine on him. Ha ha ha ha Oh, this is going to be great! Ha ha ha Oh man…how am I going to find this race? Ohhh a fellow runner. Maybe he knows where the race is. Hey do you know where the race is? Ahhh a talking Hedgehog! Ahhh a talking human. Are you a friendly Hedgehog? Yeah I come in peace. Whew! Well, why are you here? I came for the big race for the giant golden ring. No way?! I’m going there later today. Mind if I tag along? Sure! But I’ve got to go home and do a couple of things. You want to come with me? Sounds good man. So, what’s your name? My name is Sonic…Sonic The Hedgehog. Sonic, huh? Ok Sonic it is. Oh how cute.. ha ha. The little blue fur ball has made a friend ha ha ha! Well it will be the last one he’ll ever have. (evil laugh) ha ha ha! So Sonic are you going to be in the race today? Oh yeah! Well, aren’t you gonna stretch? Man I’m good. You may want to know I’m pretty fast. Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah, watch this! Three…two…one…go! Beat that. Sure about that? Watch this! Three…two..one..go! What do you think of that? Whoa that is crazy! You were so fast! Yep I know…watch this! What? A 1,000 piece puzzle? What is that for? Time me! Ok!? Time to beat another world record. Ready…set…go! Dang it! Missing a piece. No way! That took you 4 seconds! Wait right here, I’ll go and find the piece. Found it! Always hiding in the couch cushion, and Cheetos too! Ewww did you really just eat that? Mmmm still good! Wow Sonic that’s so awesome. Do you have any other tricks? Hmm. I got one follow me. Watch this Kaden. Epic! I’ve never seen anyone play ping pong this fast before. Whoa that was amazing! Pretty cool, huh? Have you always been able to run this fast? Ever since I was a little Hedgehoglette. Do you have anymore cool tricks you can show me? I’ve got one more good one, follow me. Watch this one! Is that Sonic? You want to see what else I can do? Totally! You see this stack of cups right here? Oh yeah. Watch me build a castle of cups over there…one at a time. Whoa, okay! There he is…(evil laugh) ha ha ha! Whoa! Epic! Now it’s time to test out my new slow motion machine. Here goes nothing… Whoa what’s going on? It worked! It worked! Ha Ha Ha My machine worked. Whoa you okay Sonic? I don’t understand what’s going on? Wait, are you messing with me? Well, I guess you ran out of steam. No, I promise I’ve lost my fast feet..I’m like slower. It’s like I’m going the speed of normal people. Hey, are you saying I’m slow?! I just don’t get it? All right, let’s try this again. My machine is working so well. Ha ha ha! Now it’s time to try out zee super slow button. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha It’s working! It’s working so well…ha ha ha ha! Now that I know that my machine works on Sonic, I will use it in zee big race today! What?! Now I know for sure you are messing with me. Noooo Well, if this is for real? Then how does it feel to be so slow? Let’s put him back to normal before he see’s me out here. He’s back to normal! Bye Bye Sonic…see you later. Ha Ha! There it is…my fast speed is back! Whoa Sonic What do you think happened? I don’t know but I hope it doesn’t happen again. Oh look at the time the race is starting soon! You’re right. Let’s go! Right after I do this. Epic! Come on let’s go! Well, if it isn’t Sonic the Hedgehog and his little yellow minion friend, hahahahaha! Are you here to race today? Dr. Robotnik, I thought I could smell you. Good luck with the race today. Although you have no chance of winning me! ha ha ha ha! That giant golden ring prize is mine! I’m taking it home! Not if I have something to do with it. Hey Sonic, I don’t know who this weird guy is? But I’ll help you beat him! Thanks, dude.. but I got this! Welcome to the World Championships Racers Competition today we have three racers! The first racer is… Sonic The Hedgehog!!! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Our second racer is Kade Mcspeedy!!! Our 3rd racer is Dr. Robotnik Boooo! Boooooo! Are you from 80’s or something? Alrighty then…well today folks Our competitors are competing for a giant gold ring. It’s worth 1000 small rings and we’ll show it to you right now. Here we go.. The winner! Runners take your marks. The racers must race around the track 20 times doing 20 laps in order to win the giant golden coin. On your marks! Get set!…and go!!! Aw dang it! Sonic is winning…I’ve got to run faster! I thought you were going to beat me Dr. Robotnik? I’m to fast for you! See you at the finish line. Oh Sonic..you think you’re so fast. Not anymore ha ha ha! He’s slower…Ha Ha Ha..I am a genius. No way…what’s happening? Oh no…not now! It’s happening again, I’ve lost my super speed. What’s wrong Sonic you seem to be running a little slower? (Evil laughter) What? What’s happening…he must be up to something! It’s working… it’s working! Now time for super slow. (Evil laughter) Sonic! Watch out! How does it feel Sonic…super slow! Now time for me to win the race. (Evil laughter) It was you all along! I knew you were behind this. Of course it was me. Now you are slower than a snail. Could it be…that weirdo Dude is Passing Sonic?! Oh, how does it feel? How does it feel? Oh, why didn’t I think of this years ago? Poor little Sonic so slow. Bye-bye! Has the infamous Sonic run out of steam? Sonic is on his final lap and all of a sudden he slowed down! I wonder what’s wrong? That giant golden ring is going to be mine. I will be the most powerful villain in the world! I’ve got to get that machine away from Dr. Robotnik, but how to do it? Hmm, maybe if I slowed down he’ll catch up to me…and then I can figure out a way to steal his machine. Oh, so close whew, I’ve just got to win this other guy. Hey Dr. Robotnik. Looks like Dr. Robotnik and Kade are neck-and-neck. Oh, I see you caught up weirdo. Of course, I am fastest in the land. We both know that Sonic is the fastest! Oh, no, he isn’t. Look how far back he is. Ha ha ha What’s this? Sonic has slowed down. If you win what will you do with that giant golden ring? I’m gonna take over the world. Of course! It looks like all three contestants are on their final lap! But Sonic he’s still going slow! What’s that in your hands? None of your business.. now bug off, I’ve got to win this race! Dr. Robotnik and Kade they’re passing him! What’s this? They’ve lapped Sonic. Could it be the favored Sonic the Hedgehog might not win the race? Yes…I’ve lapped Sonic the finish line is so close! It looks like all three contestants are on their final lap but, Sonic he’s still going slow. I’m so close..I can either win the race, or get that machine and save Sonic. What is that you’re mumbling back there? Nothing…I’ve got to decide quickly! Well here goes nothing! Yes! I got it! Sonic I’m coming! No my machine what to do? Oh the finish line! The race! The finish line! Sonic back to normal speed! Yes! I’m fast again! And it looks like Sonic he’s picked back up speed! The finish line..I’m so close. The finish line. They’re neck and neck here they come! Almost to the finish line…who’s gonna win the race?! No..No…what happened? I was so close! I got the golden ring! Noooo Give me my machine back and now! Here you go Dr. Robotnik! Hi-five! Pretty swell kid! Thanks Sonic! I saw that he had this machine that was making you slow so I grabbed it from him. Oh thanks Kade you saved the day! Oh Dr. Robotnik, I’ve got your precious little machine… I am keeping your precious machine with me. Oh look..our giant golden ring! Oh yeah! See you later Dr. Robotnik! Yeah bye! Great meeting you, and thanks for also getting that machine from Dr. Robotnik Well, I hope you come back next year, because I’m gonna beat you next time! I’d like to see that! Say what happened to the doctor guy? I have a feeling we’re not gonna see him for a long time. Well, see you later. Wow he was so fast! Make sure to like it subscribe below and if you got to see more awesome videos click on our channel icon down below