Hey guys my name is Antranik and I’m
here with my dog Medax and basically I’m gonna be teaching you the support
hold for this video. The support hold is very simple. This is a rings support hold. It’s the top of a dip position. And normally we start out like this. The end goal is this. (Rings Turned Out) Notice that this is not an Iron Cross. My arms are not all the way
out there. It’s just here. If you try this exercise and you cannot hold it for even a second then you need to go on parallel bars or two chairs or a corner
of a kitchen counter and just hold yourself up (or even use your
grandma’s walker) Just hold yourself up and focus on pushing
the shoulders down. If you could do that for at least a minute on the parallel
bars (or whatever you’re using) then you get on to the rings and when you jump up
into position you put your hands right on your hips, glue them to your hips.
This will help stabilize you because you’ll be shaking a lot in the beginning
but it’s okay, If you glue those hands to the legs or
hips, that will help. The other thing is a lot of people bend
their elbows. This is a STRAIGHT ARM preparatory exercise so that you
can get used to doing things with straight arms above the rings. It’s very important that you do this with straight arms, so if your elbows are
bending, PLEASE try to straighten them. Because if you always do them bent
it’s gonna be a bad thing to try to retrain yourself as you get stronger
but your connective tissues don’t. Now let’s go through the progressions a
little bit. It’s very simple. I get into the position, my toes are pointing down,
my butt is squeezed, my abs are tight, my shoulders are NOT shrugged, they’re
pushing down. As for the hands… they’re neutral now. You have to get
comfortable here First get comfortable here and be
able to hold this for, I would say, 30-60secs Preferably minimum 60 seconds,
then you can gradually start turning the palms forward like so.
So in the beginning you won’t be able to You won’t be able to turn all the
way out. It’s gonna be a gradual opening. It might take you a few weeks, it
might take you an hour… everyone’s different. It’s because this is also emphasizing better posture. If you have a lot of tightness in your chest or shoulders it might be really difficult to get into that position but if you
keep doing it, you will get there. Now a question we get often is…
I’m like this, I turn the palms out and people say the top of the rings are digging into the forearms… is that normal? Yeah! That’s normal. It’ll hurt there until it doesn’t. And also the straps, the straps might be bothering you. But, eventually, you can lean slightly forward so that there’s absolutely no
touching whatsoever and this requires a slight lean forward and it’s
even more difficult. So when you get there, you’re gonna be a
lot stronger than where you were before and it’s a great journey because when
you first start out it’s like this… and then eventually you get to this
solid position. I hope you enjoyed that and I hope
you’re all getting stronger because of these videos. All right? Thanks again and
remember to subscribe if you haven’t already. Give this video a thumbs up
and I’ll see you next time.