– [Noah] Thanks to Moose Toys, for sponsoring this video. (Noah playing excitedly) – [Noah] I found this awesome new toy! Turbo Bot! Come on Turbo Bot! – [Turbo] What’s my favorite snack? Fast food! – You got this! (robot whirring) Are you kidding? Come on. Big jump! (robot whirring) – [Turbo] Ow! That’s gonna leave a mark. – Yes! Go go go. Yeah, go! You’re gonna win! Go go go go go! (Rena cackles) Go! Huh? Is anyone there? Hello? – [Rena] Hi! (Noah exclaims in fright) Oh, I’m sorry. Did I scare you? I’m Rena. – Why are you watching
me through the window? – Oh, I really want to be a Super Hero Kid. Yeah. – Do you have a super power? – Oh. No. – Or a cool toy like this? – No. – Oops. Sorry, can’t be a Super Hero Kid. Bye! – What? That doesn’t make any sense. – Oh, hey Noah! (screams) Who’s your friend? – Geeze. Why does everybody keep scaring me today. – Oh, hi. I’m Rena. – Oh. She’s not my friend. She was just leaving. – I really want to be a Super Hero Kid and it would be awesome if
you guys could train me. – I told you, we can’t. – That sounds like a great idea! – Wait, what?! – [Blonde Girl] Okay Rena, Its
time to start your training. – Well, what, uh. (suspensful music) (Rena cackles) – The first step of becoming a super hero is finding your super hero pose. Do do do do! (Rena mimics screechy) Uh, we have some work to do. Perfect! Keep doing what you’re doing. She’s doing good. Sort of. – Super hero pose! Whoa, ow! Ooh. – Huh. Why do we have to do this. I don’t trust her. – Oh, come on! Eden’s out of town. I mean, we need someone to hang out with. Oh. Let me help you. – Something’s suspicious. – All right! Keep those knees high! Come on. You’ve got this! – How long do we have to do this? – Keep going. – Hey, Noah. You know if you give me your power ring this training would be
over a whole lot faster? – [Blonde Girl] You’ve got this. – You’re right but, it’s my power ring so I should keep it. – Oh, (growls) That’s fine. – Come on. Get it out. – What’s this? – This is your last training challenge. You are gonna use these and build a machine like Eden! – I don’t know if this is a good idea. – Oh, pfft. It’ll be fine. – Okayayay. (electric zaps) Is it supposed to do that? – I think so. – Hey Noah. – Hi? – Bet Eden never let you use these? – No! – Want a turn? – That sounds awesome! Let’s go! (Rena cackles) – Wait! You should probably take
your power ring off, so that you don’t hurt it. – Yeah. You’re probably right. Wait! You promise not to take it? – I promise. – Okayayay. Okayayay. Here goes nothing! (electric zaps) Wow! This is so cool! Whoa. Okayayay. I think that’s enough for now. Wait! Where’d my ring go?! – Hahaha! You fool. – Uh oh. – Oh, hey Rena. Cool super hero cape. – I tricked you all. My name is not Rena. My name is Rena Reverso,
the super villain! – Wait. Super villain? Does that mean you have super powers? – Haha! – You won’t get away with this. (beeps and vibrations) – What’s happening? I’m moving in slow motion. – I don’t know. – [Rena] Haha! I used my reverso powers. Instead of making me fast,
I made all of you slow! (robot whirring) – Turbo Bot! He’s not in slow-mo like the rest of us. – Okayayay. I’ll use him as a distraction. You get the ring. – I got this. – Ah ha ha ha ha! (Robot whirring) Wait. Why aren’t you slow-mo? – [Turbo] I’m the Turbo Bot. I’m the Turbo, I’m the
Turbo, I’m the Turbo. – You stop telling me that! Go in slow-mo! – Turbo Bot can’t be Turbo Bot forever! Oh, Haha. A distraction. Close but not quite. – No! (robot whirring) – [Turbo] I’m the Turbo Bot. – [Both] Turbo Bot! (thuds to the floor) (grunts) – Whoa! I’m normal! I got my ring back! Now I have to deal with you. – Uh oh. – Turbo Bot did it! – I’ll get you next time Super Hero Kids. – Ha! We’ll see about that! – Next time we have to be more careful. – Yeah, I’m sorry. Good thing we had- – [Turbo] I’m the Turbo Bot. – Yeah, Turbo. (Cheering and clapping) – Turbo Bot is built for speed. It even has a turbo burst switch. – Turbo’s voice command makes it dance, spin, and explore. – Record a message and
surprise your friends. – Turbo is a bot that’s
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