Can Officer Hank catch the speeding Cowboy Angela? Will Pirate Ginger chase down Cowboy Tom’s plane? Watch to find out! Welcome to the Talking Tom Gold Tom Air Race Grand Finals Our pilots are ready… Cowboy Angela, Cowboy Tom… Pirate Ginger and Officer Hank. In the first semi-final round… Oh I can’t pick my favorite! Cowboy Angela with her unicorn sky-rider Lovely and fast, she takes to the sky at a gallop She’ll be competing against Officer Hank on his police interceptor This cop won’t stop until the race is won 3… 2… 1… Go! And they’re off! A good start for both of them The one who gets the most gold bars will win the race and go to the next and final round! It’s a neck-and-neck race here Which of these two racers will take a victory with them? Not since the Tom’s Studios three-legged bunny race have we seen a race so close! It’s so intense I almost can’t watch! It’s coming down to the wire here on this race It’s so close! Cowboy Angela wins by a wingtip! There’s no time to hang about… our next contestants are ready! Here’s Cowboy Tom with his High-flyin’ Mustang. Even clouds get out of his way! And Pirate Ginger with his air boat Thunder Swoosh Energetic and fierce, no gold bar is safe from him! 3,2,1… Go! It’s clear we have some talented pilots here This is turning out to be a real nail-biter of a race! Those pilots need to keep their eyes on the prize and go for the gold… if they wanna be the champion air racer. Both such great racers! Almost missed that one! This reminds me of the time Talking Ben tried to fly a milkshake-powered jet! We all know what a mess that was. I sure do! What a milky-mess that was! Cowboy Tom is the winner! He’s going on to the finals 3,2,1… Go! And there they go! Cowboy Tom and Cowboy Angela flying against each other in an epic air race! the likes of which have never been seen before in the wild west! Wow! Would you look at them go! These two cowboys are as natural in the air as they are in the range All this flying is making me dizzy! It’s coming down to the wire for these two cowboys! Who will be the winner? These two cowboys are neck and neck! But only one of them will be champion! And Cowboy Angela wins the Talking Tom Gold Run Air Race! So there we have it Cowboy Angela in first place followed by Cowboy Tom in second and jointly in third place we have Pirate Ginger and Officer Hank Better luck next time you two! Download or update Talking Tom Gold Run to get Cowboy Angela and our other daring high fliers!