Wait! Let me explain What happened to your shorts? Bro, my shorts! I was crossing the woods, the tripped on some ivy and got hooked by a thorn. Then the thorn just ripped my shorts Anyway, I don’t mind Hello When will you be home? I’ve just arrived Ok, am coming. Ok Hey, just chill. Am going to check on mom and be right back You’re ok? Do you need something No, am fine. Where are the chips? Don’t worry I found them. Kenny’s here? Yes, as usual How are you? Are you alright? Am fine. Wait, am strong, hold on. Your dad Your dad gave it to me What am going to do with this? Keep it. You’ve been together for a long time. not till marriage You know what to do. You are a good boy. Thanks Keep it What’s that? Mom gave it to me for the day I decide to You’re getting married No, just be serious Hey baby. What’s that? Yes! yes! I’ll marry you! He just proposed me
And we chose you to be our Maid of Horror. Shut your trap! Am so happy It suits me nicely What is happening?
It suits me nicely What is happening? Jeff just proposed to me Dude! Am in a mess What’s wrong?
You’ve been together for a long time. You don’t get it! No, its nothing. I was thinking of breaking up with her You’re in a big mess dude. Why didn’t you dump her earlier? I don’t know… routine Routine! That’s your excuse!? The only way she leaves you is for her to lose your ring Your right! That’s it. No ring. No discussion. No fighting. Yeah, let’s do that No… tell her the truth Can’t do that Forget it, Dude Finally Oh, my sweet coconut! Your mom told me the story of the ring It’s beautiful Yes, it has family history It is truly perfect but it is you who is perfect. You are so lovely Isn’t he so lovely. But It’s a bit large. I’ll have to tighten it Don’t you want me to do it? No, I’ll do it Please
No, I’ll do it Please I need to call Eli Hello, yes yes. Eli, where are you? I’ll tell you something,
you won’t believe it. Am so happy I need to go Hello, yes. Am on my way See you soon You’re crazy Crazy about you See, how simple it is You should have told her the truth I couldn’t do it. You know how she is. You should have told her the truth You know it can’t be done Now, I can break-up with her