hello everyone and welcome to the place where we shot Indiana Jones in the mystical gemstone I’m here to tell you about the making of the film we started writing the script and drawing the storyboard during summer 2009 the story is meant to take place in Egypt in 1942 but we chose not to mention that in the film the original script turned out to be pretty long so we decided to divide the film into two parts then we built the sets which took a couple of months in order to create the caves rocky walls in the opening scene we used expansive spray foam and polystyrene boards which were cut into pieces covered in plaster and painted with acrylic colors we design and purchase this model thanks to Legos Digital Designer software now let me introduce the hero of the film to you dr. Jones himself hi I’m Indiana Jones no you’re not you’re just the stunt man remember I’m Indiana Jones please call me Indy hey and who do you think I am I’m Indiana Jones no I’m Indiana Jones I’m Indiana Jones I’m Batman yeah I’ve got a bad feeling about this whatever we worked on the film between 2009 and 2012 every time we shot a new scene the first thing we did was place the sets and the lighting correctly in order to ensure perfect continuity between each scene we used a special bulb simulating natural light for all of the outdoor shots more than 10,000 photos were taken we often spent several days making shots that would last only a couple of seconds in the film one of the most challenging parts was trying to create some more complicated but also natural looking camera movements oh look over there it’s the director of the film talking to some actors he is such a nice person what do you mean you mean the way I talk what do you mean funny I’m funny like I’m a clown I am use you I make you laugh how am i funny now let me talk about the editing of the film we used over 250 sound effects some of them we recorded ourselves the sound of the wooden barrel rolling on the ground was the most difficult sound effect to create we spent hours searching for the perfect music tracks that would fit into the film we decided not to compose our own music because we thought that nothing would ever replace the original Indiana Jones theme song by John Williams we had to make special effects for several scenes but many of them are invisible for example we sometimes used Photoshop to duplicate different parts of the set to make it look bigger you music you someone call security that yellow fish stickiness pink friend are harassing me again to finish let me show you some Easter eggs in the film well that’s all for today I hope you enjoyed it thank you so much for watching hey smiley yes I’m talking to you I’m thirsty go get me a milkshake but not made with blue milk this time just normal white milk you you