Hello, everyone. My name’s Adam DeVine
and this is a day in the life of a righteous Gemstone.♪ Angels ♪I love doing hair
and makeup every day,
’cause I’m homely, real droopy.They call me the St. Bernard
of comedy.
Thank God for people like Brian.
Come here, big guy.Welcome to my trailer.I would invite you in but
it does smell like (CENSORED). Oh, my God. This is someone else’s trailer. This is someone else’s. Alright, guys,
welcome to my trailer. This is my trailer,
this is my trailer. Alright, see you in a few.♪ Jesus ♪This is when Kelvin
becomes Kelvin. (SINGING) ♪ On the third day
He rose again ♪
♪ In fulfillment
Of the scriptures ♪
Are you gonna be getting shoes? ADAM DEVINE: I don’t know
if we need shoes right now.So we got a few minutes
of downtime.
This is my friend,
Tony Cavallero. He plays Keith on the show.
Let’s say hi. And that’s why it’s important
to knock. Let’s go to crafty
or something.This is the green room,hanging out with Edi Patterson.
She plays my sister on the show. -…funnier than me in scenes?
-I’d never do that. -Hey, guys!
-Hey, Edi. You all right? -He’s fine. He’s great.
-I’m fine. -Get out of here.
-I think we’re broke for lunch. Sounds great, I’m starving. So I think Danny and some
of the guys are in here. Yo, DeVine, what’s up? Yeah, we’re just working
on some… -No cameras
-…uh, alts. -(CHEERING)
Yeah! All right!
Those guys are good writers. Let’s go. (LAUGHING)
That’s just a regular day
in the life of me here
on the set
ofThe Righteous Gemstones.-♪ Hear me Jesus ♪
-♪ Hear me Jesus ♪
Number two on the call sheet.♪ Catch me, Jesus ♪