(HEART MONITOR BEEPING) (FLATLINES) -I love you, sweetheart.
-Mama. -No, no, no.
-(SOBBING) I’ll give you folks some time. We… we have to pray. Come. Pull it together.
Join hands. She’s now
in your heavenly hands, O’Lord. We feel this love having her
here with us. -(BEE BUZZES)
-(SOBBING) But we celebrate… celebrate her passing knowing
she’s in a better– Son of a bitch! KELVIN GEMSTONE: Get it! Get it! -JUDY GEMSTONE: Kill it, Jesse!
-KELVIN: Do it! -Get it!
-JUDY: Grab it! Get outta here! (SOBBING, YELLING) Stupid bee! JUDY: Why?! (SCREAMING) JUDY: Mama! KELVIN: No, Mama!