Elune Blue The Writer’s Stone Blue Topaz Meaning and Uses Blue Topaz symbolizes love and affection. It is aligned with the Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. Wearing Blue Topaz at the base of the neck can help the Throat and Third Eye Chakra simulaneously. Blue Topaz is also help when dealing with Writer’s Block. It can help focus the mind and make it easier to concentrate while writing. That is why it is sometimes called: “The Writer’s Stone.” Blue Topaz can help with psychic abilities, making tarot and crystal ball reading easier to communicate. And it is the birthstone of December. Learn more about Blue Topaz meaning, uses, properties, benefits, history and symbolism, as well as information about London Blue Topaz at eluneblue.com. Elune Blue Thank you for Watching! Don’t forget to Like!