APPRAISER: You told me that your grandmother
left this pendant to you. This was given to her by her second husband. APPRAISER: When were they married? GUEST: They were married in 1918. APPRAISER: Now, I understand you had other
jewelry from her, but this was the piece you chose to bring to the ROADSHOW today. Why did you pick this piece? GUEST: Because I like it. I’ve worn it a great deal of the time over
the years since she gave it to me. It sits in just the right place on my neck,
and it’s beautiful. APPRAISER: And what do you know about it? What did your grandmother tell you? GUEST: She said that it was a yellow diamond
and… APPRAISER: And did you believe her? GUEST: I didn’t know, because it seemed pretty
big, and Granny kind of liked to… If she wanted you to like something, she sometimes
sort of embellished on its attributes so that… APPRAISER: I see, I see. Well, I must tell you that when you came and
showed it to me and you said you weren’t sure that it was a diamond, I kind of looked at
it and was actually curious myself because it has a beautiful vivid yellow color. And on closer examination, I realized it was
a diamond; she was telling the truth. GUEST: Oh, really? APPRAISER: Yes. Not only is it a diamond, but it’s actually
an important size for a yellow diamond because it measured over one carat. GUEST: Wow… APPRAISER: Yeah. And it’s an old European-cut pear-shaped. And you know what else I found out about it? When I turned it over, it has a signature. The signature… do you have any idea? GUEST: No, because I looked to see if there
was one and couldn’t find anything. APPRAISER: It’s Tiffany and Company. Yeah. GUEST: Wow… APPRAISER: This is Tiffany and Company, and
quite rare, because of that period– and I would date it between 1918, 1920– you rarely
found a yellow diamond in a piece of Tiffany jewelry. And I even think this was designed by Louis
Comfort because it has that kind of wonderful wire work. So now we’ve got to appraise it. It’s a tough appraisal because it’s rare–
$20,000 and up. What do you think? GUEST: Holy mackerel! I can’t believe… APPRAISER: Yeah, so you really hit the spot
today. You knew what to pick, and… GUEST: I almost didn’t bring it. APPRAISER: And your grandmother was not telling
a lie. And she left you something great. GUEST: That’s wonderful! APPRAISER: Isn’t that great? GUEST: Yes. APPRAISER: Thanks for coming. GUEST: That is so exciting! APPRAISER: Great!