Hi guys, this is Vincent and in this video I’m going to do a quick review of Topaz Gigapixel AI. And I’m just going to do a fast walkthrough or demo of the software. So, here I have an image of Flores Island in Guatemala. I did some selective coloring. But the most important thing you need to know is that its dimensions here. It’s 1000 by 672 pixels. So, I’m going to enlarge this photo in Topaz Gigapixel AI. And I’ll start right here. So, I’ll click on OPEN and select the image in my Finder. Click OPEN again. And on the top-left here you’ll just see input information of the file and has a RGB color profile. And on the top-right is the output information. And in the bottom-left is the preview at 100% zoomed. This is the original and here is the upsized image. And let’s get to the processing information now. So, Gigapixel AI gives you predefined amounts to enlarge it. I’m going to enlarge it by 6 times. But you can also put a maximum width or a maximum height. There’s also, some manuals settings if you want to adjust the suppress noise or remove blur. So, I’ll just go back to auto. And there’s also face refinement features here. I’ll leave it at off. And the output file I’m going to save it in my desktop. So, I’ll just click on this. Click OPEN. So, it’s going to be going back right to the source folder. Then you can put like an output file name of a prefix. I have it at 6x and suffix of gigapixel if you want. For the file format you can change the file format or convert it if you want. But I’m just going to keep it at JPEG. There’s no option to save it as a RAW file. So, I’ll just click on NO here. And pretty much it’s pretty easy. I’m just going to click on START and let Gigapixel AI process or render the image. It is, it does take some time for it to process. So, it is CPU intensive. And looks like it’s going to take less than 30 seconds so it’s not too bad. And Gigapixel AI can also do batch processing. Or if you have like a sequence of photos to make like a time-lapse video you can put like a bunch of images in here as well for batch processing. So, the image is done. And I’m just going to click here to take a look at it. So, as you can see here’s the before and here’s the after. And let me double check what the after information, so the after file is 6000 by 4032 pixels. So, it did enlarge it. And from what I see it did a pretty good job. And let me go back to the other image here. And so this is the before and this is the after. And let me zoom in here as well. So, you can see it kept a lot of the detail. And it’s a pretty straightforward software. And the main thing to know is Topaz Gigapixel AI it works. So, if you enjoyed this video make sure to smash the like button or subscribe. Have a good one.