hello there this is Yvonne Decelis; it
is October 1st it is Tuesday it’s a little after 2:30 and I’m just filming a
park at Twin City Plaza for people who like to see things like this on my
channel I will be back in a few days or a week or so we’re having the inspection
on Thursday so we are rearranging our apartment while we’re doing the cleaning
and everything else which is why I’m not going to be able to do videos for a
little while but I will be back either Friday of this week or possibly Monday
of next week because I am planning on doing a new energy healing video not
that new I’ve done videos like this before but due to popular demand I will
be doing another one soon on energy healing exercises you can do if you need
to revive your self or energize a lot of people are telling me that they’re very
very fatigued and that they’re very tired and as someone who has multiple
sclerosis and fibromyalgia and as a result I am hit with the double dose of
fatigue I know how that feels to not have energy believe me and one of the
reasons I’ve become such a fan of energy healing is because it has helped me with
that quite a bit so I will definitely be doing a video of some of the exercises
I’ve learned that you can do to just energize yourself a little bit so anyway
as always namaste peace and light thank you so much for coming to my channel and
I hope to be back again here soon Cheers thank you once again have a good one
take care bye bye