[Allison] Hi,
welcome to Fusion Beads. Today I’m gonna show you how to make our Circles of Spring earrings. These earrings are made
using nine design components with seed beads and fire polished beads in a fun combination
that’s perfect for spring. We have tons of different colors available in our seed beads and fire polished beads, so you could make these earrings in tons of different color ways. (lively music) To make these earrings,
you’re going to need: size 15 Duracoat opaque dyed
Tickle Me Pink seed beads, size 11 matte mustard yellow seed beads, Two millimeter alabaster
pastel white true2 round, fire polished beads, size 8 Duracoat opaque dyed
medium orchid seed beads, three millimeter Persian
turquoise fire polished beads, four millimeter saturated
chartreuse fire polished beads, and then two brass, large hoop wire frames by Nunn Design, 38 millimeter, your base metal, French ear wires, your tarnish resistant silver, 26 gauge, round, artistic wire, chain-nose pliers and wire cutters. You can find all of these product links in the description below. Okay, let’s get started. To make these Circles of Spring earrings, you first want to take your component, and then cut a one foot
length of your wire. And you just wanna, you’re just gonna wanna anchor this wire to your component to
make this first row here of four millimeter fire polished beads. So to do that, leave
about an inch of a tail, and then place your
wire over the component, then you’re just gonna
go through the component and back around, and just do that twice, to anchor that wire, and you can just use your fingernails. The wire’s a little far apart. Just they’re nice and close to each other. And that’s gonna anchor your wire onto your component. And you wanna string one four
millimeter fire polished bead, and you want that wire about an inch down, under the component, the top of it. Okay so then once you have that in place, you’re just gonna wanna go
through that component again with that bead resting on
the inside of the component, and then you’re just gonna
wrap the wire around once to anchor that, and then just bring it right back up. Just gonna repeat that. String your fire polished bead. Lay it on the inside of the component. Bring it through the component, bring that wire through,
down, back around, one full wrap, and then just bring it up. You make sure all the wire wraps are sitting next to each other. None are overlapping. Okay, let’s do it again, one full wrap around, bring it back up. You just wanna do that five more times. Okay. Then three more. Okay, and when you get
to your eighth bead, you just wanna wrap around twice, and so one full one,
and then two full ones. Then take your wire cutters. Just cut tails on both ends, okay, and there you have your first row of eight fire polished beads. Okay so now we want to do our second row, of our three millimeter
fire polished beads, and for that you wanna
cut about a three inch length of wire, and do the same thing. About an inch tail,
and you just wanna wrap twice around to anchor it. Then just if need be,
kinda use your fingernail to make sure those, each wrap is just kinda
lying next to each other nice and close. Okay so now you just want to string nine of these three millimeter
fire polished beads. Okay so then once you have nine, you’re just gonna go straight across to the other side of the component, right above those four millimeter beads. You’re just gonna go over and then through the component, and you’re
just gonna wrap that twice around. Then just make sure it’s
nice and snug up against the wire wraps from that first row. And then you just wanna cut the tails on both sides. Okay, and there you have your second row. So I’m gonna go ahead and just repeat what I did here with this row. I’m gonna do 14 of the
size eight seed beads, and then 14 row of the
two millimeter white, fire polished beads, and then 18 of the yellow
size 11 seed beads, and then 20 of those
size 15 pink seed beads. So I’m gonna go ahead
and do those real quick, and I’ll be right back. Okay, now that you have all the beads anchored to the component, you just have to attach the ear wire. So to do that, you just wanna
take your chain nose pliers and open up your loop,
and then attach that to the top loop of this component, and then chain nose pliers, and just close that loop back up, and there you have one earring. And then you just wanna
repeat that for the other one, and now you have a super
cute pair of earrings, perfect for spring. You can find all of
the tools and materials for these Circle of Spring Earrings, at FusionBeads.com. (bright music)