[Music: light piano] [Doug Bolger]
This is what our day sounds like: (singing) “Hi-ho, hi-ho! It’s off to work I go!
(audience laughing) I love to work! I love to work!
Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho! [Music: light guitar, plays throughout] Primary Gold Mines are 1 in 2 of the
Canadian population. Think about gold. Gold is pure. We measure the purity of gold – 99.9% pure. Gold is valuable. Any organization wants to have gold. Gold is the standard. The Gold Seal. The Gold Standard. When something’s done really well we put a Gold Stamp on it. We are people who pride ourselves in doing things right. We are people who pride ourselves in making sure that we follow all the rules, all the instructions and do things appropriately. We are detail-oriented. We see the value of the details. Because you can have a great initial meeting and then make three promises and not follow through and a Gold Mine is going to go, “I don’t trust…No.” Step away from the people who will not follow through. We call it a “Say Do Gap”. What you say you do…and what you do. And if there’s a gap between the two – our alarm bells go off. So get for a moment now, that your
flippant conversations like, “I’ll send that over to you this afternoon”. and you send it next Tuesday? YOU may think it doesn’t matter because it’s not relevant to the buying process… We do. The mines. So when you work in the mine, it’s hard work, isn’t it? Like we are people who are not afraid of hard work. There’s a reason why all that earth-moving equipment is gold in color – because we do it. If work has to be done, we’re the people you want to have on your team because we get ‘er done. And it doesn’t matter how much work it is we get it done. We enjoy being behind the scenes. We don’t want to be front and center. We don’t want the spotlight on us. [Music: light, instrumental] Oh, they’re still here.
(audience laughing) [Music]