Hi everyone my name is Lisa Lee and i’m the founder of Lisa Young Lee Inc my company is located in Cape Breton Nova Scotia and we handcraft and luxury collection of healing gemstone jewelry. All of our team members are Reiki healers and we apply an 11- Step healing and cleansing process to our jewellery. We’re also proud sponsor of the DPA Pre Golden Globes gift suite in Beverly Hills for January 2018. In this video I”ll explain briefly what Reiki is and how gemstone healing works. First of all Reiki is a Japanese traditional form of healing that uses energy. This healing method is a hands-on approach and Reiki can help heal you emotionally mentally physically and spiritually and in our 11-Step Cleansing and Healing process we apply the Reiki healing technique to all of our jewelry and gemstones and also put other steps such as saying a prayer cleansing and so much more. Now people have asked me to explain how gemstones can work can promote healing many civilizations in the past such as the Egyptians And the Romans have believed in the healing power of gemstones and often more than for protection as well today in modern times people are turning to crystals and gemstones for alternate method for many ailments piezoelectric effect That is a term for when a crystal or a gemstone receives a physical blow or rub or is twisted it builds up a tiny electric charge. Current technologies use certain gemstones for this electric charge. Such as the quartz watches use quartz crystals to regulate time. Gemstones do need to be cleansed to remove any unwanted energies. It’s important that when you do buy a gemstone, and you want to activate their healing properties you remove the energies that have been absorbed previously that is why at our company we have created an 11 Step Cleansing and Healing process so when you receive your jewelry you’ll receive them at their most highest vibrations. When wearing your jewelry or holding a palm stone such as this clear quartz in your hands and when you want to receive the healing properties to activate simply remind yourself of the properties you would like to receive and rub or touch the stones. By rubbing or touching the stones you also activate the Piezoelectric Effect. Let me explain and demonstrate. I’m currently wearing a black tourmaline bracelet from my collection and tourmaline is known to bring forth the ultimate protection from negative and unwanted energies especially from what I call the energy vampires. We probably know one or two of them in our own lives. When you’re wearing a tourmaline bracelet and you happen to be near an energy vampire, simply touch your bracelet while you’re speaking to them – just casually touch them and you won’t feel as drained as you normally would from the energy vampires. We also recommend that you cleanse your gemstones once a week. There are several methods that you can apply such as you can use seawater to cleanse them or it put them out in under a full moon or even leaving them outside when the sun is out But, we have an easier method available to you with our Gem Source Essences. What you do is simply apply a few drops to your stones, rub them into your jewelry and that’s it. Well that’s it for my video today if you’d like to visit our shop online please go to www. lisayounglee.com