Valentine’s Day is coming up and these
sweet little heart charms are a great quick and easy project to make that you
could do anything you want with: make a pair of earrings, a necklace pendant,
charms, a bracelet, whatever you like. HI there, Sandy here, welcome to another
creative video tutorial at If you’ve been
watching my videos anytime then you know I love playing with wire and it’s just
fun to experiment and see what you can get for shapes and here are a few that I
was playing with the other day, a few variations on this theme for making wire
heart charms, they’re really quite simple, you can work them up quickly with just a
few inches of wire, and of course, some bead accents never hurt. So I tried
these with a few different gauges of wire.
I tried 18, 20 and 22 gauge, now this one is the 18 gauge and you can see it’s a
little bit rougher, it’s not quite as smooth as the other two and that’s
because the wire was heavy and after being worked a bit it just got difficult
to manage. This one is the 22 gauge which was super easy to work with but it’s
also super bendy and flexy so I don’t know that I would recommend it except
for maybe the smallest of charms, the smaller you go then the more in
proportion that size of wire is. What I thought was perfect was 20 gauge wire
and I used that to make this heart you can see a couple of variations I have
here you: can just do a point on the bottom which looks very nice and is
really easy, you can do a loop on the bottom which gives you the opportunity
to add a dangle and is almost just as easy, you can add a loop on the inside, or
not, you can do a wrapped loop on top, or just a simple loop, and you can just add
a headpin dangle, too, so lots of different ways of approaching it ,but let
me show you how to make one. So I’m starting with some 20 gauge copper wire
and when you’re first learning to do this like I always recommend I would
suggest you just start with some craft wire or inexpensive wire,
then you can practice on that and if you want to use something more fancy like
silver filled or a gold filled or something then you can do that later
once you’ve got the technique down. As always I suggest you start with your
wire and then straighten it, this just smooths it out and gives you a nice base
to start with. Let’s start with the one with the loop on the bottom, all you’re
going to do is find the center of your wire with your round nose pliers, then bend the wire down and for the moment just give a single twist and then bring those
wires back together. Next take your bail making pliers and
you’re going to use these to make the bumps of the heart, for this one I use
the smaller 5 millimeter mandrel on these pliers and for this one I use the
larger ten millimeter. I think I’ll go with the 10 millimeter. Where you place
your bumps, depending, will change the look of your heart, so if you place them
way up you’re going to get a tall skinny heart in which case you might want to
start with a longer piece of wire. I’ll just use that to shape it. Now just kind of take a look here at
your criss cross, we just did those together to make them symmetrical so
they’re like, both your bumps are the same size, but you could do a kind of
wonky heart. Just kind of look at that wrap and pull over the one that will
allow the wrap to continue looking nice and not pull it apart, and at this point
you can tuck in your round nose pliers and just give it one more twist. That
looks really nice, so it looks sweet from both sides. To make the part up here that
I put the beads on I’m going to… if one of these is longer than the other go
ahead and grab that one, grab it with your chain nose pliers right on the
outside of where the wire crosses over the other one and actually up just a
smidge to allow for the thickness of the wire. So if you have really thick wire allow more, if you’ve fairly thin wire allow less. Just go ahead and bend that up. For this other wire grab it right there
again where they cross and bend it so it’s at a 90 degree angle to the other
one, so should look like that. I’m going to grab that wire with my round nose
pliers and make a loop. You can trim that so that it just touches. I thought it was
easier to actually twist the entire piece and then trim it off afterwards
and that way I have it exactly the way I want, make sure you’re putting the flush
part of your plush cutter, flush cutters towards the part of the wire that you
want to keep. Then make sure you’re only cutting through that one piece and not
the lobe of your heart. You might have to actually pull that out
a little to do that cleanly, there we go, and while that’s open just go ahead and
pop that in and then close that loop and bend that in whatever direction looks
good to you. You can have it follow the line of the heart, you can bend it so it
faces down. All right, we are nearly . I’m just going to pop a little Czech
fire polished bead on there since my wire isn’t real long I think I’m only
gonna get one on there, that’s fine. Bend and shape that and there
you go. If you want, before you add your beads,
you could take a little time with a hammer, a chasing hammer and a bench block,
and hammer these flat. It would give it some texture and some interesting shape. So here have an 8 inch piece for the next one because I will show you
how to do the one with the wrapped loops. Start by folding it in half, the closest
you can get to 1/2, then take, flat nose pliers work best here I’ve found, and
really flatten that fold so that it is nice and pinched, and as before our wires are
parallel. I found sometimes after doing this I
actually wanted to straighten it out again
although do don’t overdo the straightening because it’ll make your
wire too hard to manipulate. Again tuck in your bail making pliers bend that around. I’ll twist one of them out so that you
have your heart shape. Tuck in your round nose pliers to the one you want to be
the lower loop and go ahead and fashion your loop right around there, so that’ll
be your loop to hang an interior dangle. Of course you don’t have to have these
symmetrical, if you like asymmetrical hearts you can change it and shape it,
that’s kind of cool I like that. Like before go ahead and grab that other wire
right before where it crosses over the other piece and bend that wire up, tuck
it in there, the nice thing about doing the wrapped loop is it definitely holds it
better in place than here where both of these you can see it kind of shifts off
a little bit I think it looks kind of cute.
I sort of like asymmetrical hearts but if you want them symmetrical you might
want to try this way. So just hold that whole thing, hold that loop with your
flat nose pliers. Now you have a couple choices here: if you’re going to do a
simple loop with this wire then go ahead and do several wraps with this wire
coming off the interior loop. If you’re going to do a wrapped loop with this
wire then only do like maybe one and a half wraps with this one, otherwise you
just end up with a really long wrapped section that looks kind of awkward and
out of proportion. Whenever I think I can do it with my fingers I find that, no,
tools really are much better for this kind of thin, especially like a 20 gauge
or anything heavier. And as always with loops and wraps tuck
in the loop take a little time to reshape, make it look the way you want. Again I think I’ll throw on a nice Czech
fire polished bead, maybe a few, and you don’t have to leave the stem. On
these ones I just do a loop to dangle from something. You may just have to take
a bit of time and kind of reshape and one thing I like to do is take this fold
here and make sure that it’s twisted so that you’re looking only at one wire and
it kind of makes a sweet little shape down here which you can do more with. You
can sort of take your fingers and round that heart a little more. If you
distort your lobe shape just tuck in your bail making pliers again and kind
of reshape it. I think I’m gonna stop there. I just made a simple loop and there you go, really sweet, simple
hearts that you can make with just a few tools, add a couple beads, embellish them
however you like, you could add wire wrapping around the outside, add a
wrapped row of beads, whatever you like. I just think they’re kind of fun to
experiment and play with and add different beads and findings and this is
kind of an idea for you to use as a jumping-off point. So I hope you enjoyed
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