– I just built a new one. – Yeah. – News, boys! – Hey, boss! – Hey. – Hey. – Welcome back. Hope you enjoyed the vacation.
– Oh, you got it! – Of course I got it, why do you think we’re all here? – We need to go back to work. – Mine site safety inspector says “Dear suckers, thanks for the drama class practice. I can’t believe you fell for that.” – What? – What? What do you mean what? What? – Back to work. – YouTube gold, baby. – YouTube gold, baby! – [Boss] ‘Kay so now that we’re not on vacation anymore. Hey Joe. – I guess it’s time we go to work. – [Boss] Yeah. So we got a whole clean
out to do from last time, but it is blowing like crazy outside. So basically what I wanted to do is get the tarp off. We need to get the sluice boxes cleaned into the pans. cleaned into the pans. We won’t bother doing a
clean up ’til the end, but let’s get some dirt moved today for the amount of time
we got going on, yeah? We gotta make up for lost time. – It’s time.
– [Boss] Yep. ‘Kay so this is the old trommel I had from Mad Advent all those years ago if you guys remember this. – [Rookie] Oh yeah. – [Boss] It’s a little oblong now. It sat in the sun one day and the barrel became a little awkward. So I don’t really use it for a whole lot except for sorting out the pay dirt. Joe’s just moving some of the over burden out of the way here. I christened the oblong. You can see it’s slightly out of shape. – [Joe] That’s a great name for it. – [Boss] Yeah, absolutely. – [Joe] Think you should be able to drive right through here. – [Boss] Yeah. (wind blowing) Rookie, wait. Rookie, wait. Hey man, you’re not wearing your hardhat. Dude, give me this. Go sit on the rock right now. Rock of shame. You have to wear your hardhat, I’m going to get in trouble! – Can I get my beer? – [Boss] That one over there. Get your beer, of course that’s required. Some guys. – I’m gonna have to wait for him. – [Boss] Oh my God. Now Joe has to wait for you! – Get Michael to do it! – [Boss] We just need some of this trimmed off of the end. – [Michael] What, just up here? – [Boss] Further. – [Michael] Rookie knows what he’s doing. – [Joe] He knows what he’s doing. – [Michael] But he’s on the rock. – [Boss] He doesn’t know! – [Joe] Unfortunately
he’s on penalty right now. – [Rookie] Pull the trigger! – [Boss] He doesn’t know how far! Don’t do it, we have to know until he gets back. – [Joe] We have to wait for him. – [Boss] Great. – [Michael] Looks like
he’s on a break over there. – He has a plan, I’m sorry. – [Boss] We just got back to work, bro! Go get your hardhat! You look like you’re relaxing! – I am now, thank you. It’s very nice. – [Boss] Finally. – [Joe] Hey buddy, welcome back. – Hey thanks man. It was a nice holiday, I liked it. Big fan of the rock. (saw buzzing) – [Boss] I’m gonna need a
very small conveyor now. – [Rookie] Pull tight. – [Boss] Pull that. (saw buzzing) Beauty. – I never cut spots in the hills for our feet. – [Boss] That’s a very good point hey, we should be cutting out steps. – I know, right? It would be a little safer, but I’m really sick of hearing the word safety right now. – [Boss] I’m tired safety, man. – There is no safety. – [Boss] I think viewers
would agree with us. Safety is out the window. (saw buzzing) – [Joe] Excellent. – [Rookie] Look at this. – [Joe] Yeah, dudes. – [Boss] Good, good, good. What does the foreman say? – [Rookie] Bob? (wind blowing) He bought it, he’s good. – [Boss] Look it, there’s Michael and then there’s Bob. Okay, everything’s up on the go. We’re able to clear out the mine site boxes from last time. mine site boxes from last time. We can still see that there’s some gold in here that we weren’t able to clean out. And look at over here. There is a ton of gold right there. And here, and here, and there’s a few flecks down here. And I even saw one down in that corner which is a little bit too far down. But we do have a recirculating system, so we’re gonna take these boxes, go do a wash out, reset the boxes, empty out this dirt right here and then we can start
moving some fresh dirt. Gold, gold, everywhere. – [Joe] Wow. – [Boss] Lots of black sand too. – [Rookie] Hey! – [Boss] Yes? – [Rookie] Got a leak. – [Boss] Nice! Water leak. Ow! Ah frig. Ow! Ah frig. It stopped it too! Look at this, we got a water leak. Guys, shut the water off. shut the water off. – [Rookie] Shut her down. – [Boss] Shut her down! You don’t even get started before you get these stupid things popping up on ya. (water running) It’s not even at the joint properly, let me see. That’s like leaking ’cause it got run over. Not good. Fire it up again! Fix it! (water running) Nice. I never started an
episode with a clean up, this is awesome! – [Joe] Especially with a good one, like look at all of it man! – [Boss] Oh, I see lots buddy! – [Rookie] Instant money! Instant money with less work. I kinda like this, actually. – [Boss] ‘Kay so one of the issues that’s been haunting me at mine site here is these darn bars. This is part of the shaker plant that actually washes all the aggregate that comes in off the top and it’s been plugged. So I’ve taken them off and by hand we’re gonna go through and clear all this grass and sand ’cause anything that gets into the pump down here gets pumped up straight into these bars and then tries to wash it. – [Rookie] There’s a
lot of (beep) in there. Crusty old holes, yo. – [Joe] You skipped one. – [Boss] Lot of gold has been washed with these. (air blowing) Good blowjob always makes it better, doesn’t it boys? – [Rookie] Sure does. – [Boss] Good job. (air blowing) – [Michael] Come on
everything’s a race boys. – [Joe] I know. – [Boss] Joe’s winning. – [Joe] I’m almost done right here and you’re just getting started. – [Rookie] Oh of course
(beep) ’cause you’re cheating! – Alright, settle down. Gold. – [Michael] Quit blowing each other. – [Rookie] Joe gets too rough. – [Boss] Where’s Steve today? Where’s Kevin? – Where’s Steve? – [Boss] I didn’t even
notice until just now! I saw Bob and thought ‘Oh my God, where are the other two?’ – I don’t know. – [Rookie] Where are they? – [Boss] Oh well, just more
gold for us today, I guess. – Alright. – [Boss] You gotta show up
to work to actually have fun! I know, we’re only gone two weeks and it’s like growing in everywhere! – [Rookie] It’s a jungle out here. (wind blowing) – [Boss] Weather’s changing already. I can feel it in the air. Super hot today. – Hey, Bob! Get out of the way. – [Boss] I can tell right out the gate everyone is super focused on gold. Being two men down today short is a little bit more challenging with all this equipment ’cause it’s costing by the day to have it but regardless we still wanna make sure that we’re moving enough dirt that we can actually make
up for the payment at least. – [Rookie] Yeah, get down below me so I can dump dirt. – [Boss] Did you just say blow me? – No, down below me! – [Boss] Below you. (lighthearted piano music)
(air blowing) I’m surprised weighing 63 pounds how much force this dozer actually has. Oh he ran into a rock. He can tilt that blade left and right as you can see. And just starting to level it out. ‘Kay so if he’s gonna fill up the truck, why don’t we fire up the mine? – Well we’re only gonna be able to run half of it I think, ’cause I can’t feed both. – [Boss] Well the trommel
stuff will still come out, we can wash the big stuff in the shaker, we don’t wanna– – [Joe] That’s true, that’s true. – [Boss] Get that second one going. – [Joe] So I guess we’re not
gonna use this first conveyor – [Boss] Yeah. – [Joe] And I think
everything else will be fine. – [Boss] Can run up and running. – I got my official safety shoes on now that the guy is gone. – [Joe] Excellent, me too! – Yep. – [Joe] Much more comfortable with these style of safety shoes. – I agree. (motor running) (motor running) – [Boss] Shaker on! Conveyor on! Yeah, look at that! Totally worth it! We got a flow restriction on this one, this one’s looking good. Always an issue when you
shut down for a while. Yeah, buddy. Those clips actually come
right off on the end. Hi Raven! Who’s a good girl? This is our new site security dog. She’s deadly. Who’s a good girl? – [Joe] Pumps on! – [Boss] Pumps on! Like a well oiled machine. – [Rookie] Was right until you said that. – [Boss] I was just
thinking to the team man, how much we pulled together
over the whole season. It’s amazing to watch how much dirt we’ve moved. how much dirt we’ve moved. – [Rookie] Scale wise
we’ve moved metric tons. – [Boss] Yep. (truck honking) On his way. Yeah! YouTube gold, baby. I love this show. On to make the pad! (motor running) Finally getting some pay moved. First bucket of the day, boys! We’re all millionaires! We just gotta get it out of the ground! – [Joe] Yeehaw! (motor running) Whoa! – [Boss] Little outta practice, Joe. Lift higher! Do we need to make you a higher pad? Can you lift higher? There it is. – [Joe] That’s as high as I can lift. – [Boss] There it is, that’s
where you needed to be. How many viewers are happy to see this happening again? There it goes. (motor running) What’s the matter? Yeah it’s this lip right here. Conveyor stopped. – [Rookie] Oh that’s the one
we were waiting to charge. – [Boss] (laughs loudly) That will help, the battery! – [Joe] We have some
tailing built up here. – [Boss] Stop everything! Shut her down! – [Rookie] Shut her down! – [Boss] Just get up and on the go and we’re freakin’ shutting her down. Don’t shut off the pump, just leave the pumps. We gotta have dirt moving
through there though or we’re gonna start losing gold. – [Rookie] Remember when I said we need one more with XT90? – [Boss] Yes yes, you’re very awesome. Dump truck after dump truck. Takes a long time to make a pad, nobody really kinda has a clue unless you’re in the business. Michael how long have you been operating full sized machinery? – About 10 years. – [Boss] 10 years. And do you find it’s very similar when you’re running small scale? – Completely different. – [Boss] Totally different! – Well you can see everything, real machine, you can’t. – [Boss] Exactly. He can see 360 all the way around so it makes it much easier when you’re on the outside. But then again you can’t
feel your way around when you’re in on the cap, but it’s an RC truck so it don’t matter. (motor running) (motor running) (motor running) Now we’re washing rocks! It’s not easy running it shorthanded here, but the boys are definitely
stepping up to the plate, look at that! Rookie lifts up, showing incredible strength. A huge excavator. Oh! What happened? Are you kidding me? People are gonna think
we’re making this up. – [Michael] Battery died? – [Boss] It just died. It’s almost like the motor died. – [Rookie] Yeah I can see
the wire came off the motor. Uh oh. – [Boss] It did? – [Rookie] Yeah. – [Boss] Water off! – [Rookie] Shut it down! – [Joe] Shut it down! – [Boss] Can barely
get started today, bro. – We’re having no luck! It’s a good thing we got a clean out from last time. – [Boss] It literally shook the wire right off of the post. Look at that. Finally! Good. Over to the generator please! Walk diffs for the win! – [Michael] Nice job, nice job. – [Joe] Hey, the mechanic’s here! – [Rookie] That worked really (beep) well. – [Boss] I’m really surprised. (wind blowing) – Shoulda have a truck bring that in. That was the heavy part. – [Boss] Everyone’s been asking us to have a mechanics truck. The welding truck’s best
we can do for today. Glad we had it nearby. And glad I locked the diffs
on that Ford Arrow Max because if I didn’t there’s no way we would’ve got off road like that. Choke! Did you turn it on?
– [Rookie] Yes. (motor running) – [Rookie] Gotta actually
say I’ve never done this in the wind before. Why are you in my way? Hey, hey! Why is there always a camera here? It’s like a safety guide. – [Boss] Water on! (shaker running) Finally a proper payload system. (trommel motor running) This way we get rid of any huge boulders. People would say go ahead and put a washer in there to wash all the rocks and yeah if it was full sized and we had bearings that
were easy to switch out that could be the case, but there’s no point in rusting them up when we simply just put it
through the other plant. Security dog making sure that everyone is safe from claim jumpers. That’s why we call him a rookie. Nice! Two dump trucks at a time! We can run each pay pile separately! One can be loaded up for the shaker, and one can be the trommel. Joe’s still recovering from TTC. Last weekend we did the
tough truck competition while we were shut down. All of us tired, putting in extra hours, including Bob he’s basically
not even left the site. What a huge operation. – [Rookie] Ready? – [Boss] I can’t believe
how quiet this trommel is. It makes no noise at all! This is a chain driven trommel. Chain around the outside, don’t get your fingers stuck in there. It’s not really up to code at all but it’s definitely gonna help us catch up after being down so far. Gotta catch it up to date and put in a shaker on this thing though. I love it! Pure gold. – [Michael] I’m doing what I can! – [Boss] Dude you’re
doing a great job today, after all said and done, you’re killing it! – Aw man you gotta check all these belts before you dump your scoop!
– [Boss] Look it! Our pay is blowing away in the wind! We need like something to stop that. – [Michael] Here, I’ll be back. – [Boss] That’s not allowed, it’s completely dangerous! I know safety is 21 but just put a wind block or something! That’s alright, don’t worry about it. Whatever. (motor running) This is a water control valve that actually helps
manage the flow of water through the whole system. This motor here is the one that shakes the entire plant. Look at this! Just a giant piece of concrete that got in there. All the stuff that gets filtered out. But we’re gonna run these
through the grizzly bars later. But I’m starting to get
worried about the weather. – Weather’s going out, man. – [Boss] Not good, man! Starting to get stormy outside. Just finally getting the mine site up and running properly. Grinding away. I love the amount of dirt we’re moving. Finish off your load and let’s shut her down when you’re done! – Shut her down? We just got going again! – We can’t mine in the rain, my hair will get wet! – [Joe] I’m not afraid
of your hair getting wet! (motor running) – [Boss] Nice job! Look at all the gold goodness. The auger’s not moving! It’s stuck. Shut it down, shut this down. Shut it down! – [Rookie] Shut down! – [Boss] Quick, quick! An auger jam. You guys think we’re out
here just playing around but I gotta tell ya it ain’t easy. Watch your finger, watch your finger. Good, we’re clear. ‘Kay, fire it back up! – [Joe] Fire it up! – [Rookie] Turn trommel on. – [Boss] Trommel on! (motor running) It’s starting to blow big time now. Since we’re a man down, we can’t have this one loading pay today. Just basically an empty station. But at least we have
the conveyors worked out where all the plants are working, where all four sluice
boxes are catching gold. (motor running) Just running the last of what we got in the machine. Grizzly bars are clean. – [Joe] Clear up here! – [Boss] I can’t believe
where did the sun go? – Think you might’ve been right. We might get wet. Looks pretty ominous over there. – [Boss] Ooh, nice. – [Joe] Okay now we can
shut down this pump. – [Boss] Nice, those are hot too they were working hard. What do we see? Nice, smalls. – [Joe] Right there. – [Boss] Yeah, right there. Oh that’s a neat piece. – [Joe] What is that, a stick? – [Boss] That is weird, it looks like a stick. – [Rookie] Got some gold! – [Boss] It’s a leaf. – [Rookie] Yes, we do. Oh look at that, that long piece. – [Boss] No look it, it’s a leaf. – [Joe] Is it gold? – [Rookie] Yeah that’s gold. – [Boss] Looks like it’s a stick. – [Rookie] Oh no, that’s definitely gold. – [Boss] Oh look it is, it is gold. – [Joe] That’s definitely
gold right up there. – [Rookie] So is that long piece. – [Boss] Nice. – [Joe] Hey boss.
– [Boss] Yes? – [Joe] Look over there. – [Rookie] Oh, (beep)! – [Boss] Yes it is, look at that. – [Rookie] And the one below it is? – [Joe] And the one above it is! – [Rookie] And the one above it? – [Boss] Look at these. – [Rookie] Holy crap!
– [Boss] Look at that. – [Michael] There’s one here big. There’s one there big. – [Boss] Nice. – [Joe] And I just walked up and looked over and went ‘Whoa!’ – [Boss] Mister crazy Joe, what do you see? – [Joe] I see some gold. – [Boss] I see some fun! – [Joe] A lot of gold – [Boss] One there, look at this! – [Joe] Yes sir, there’s another! – [Boss] That’s a nice one. – [Joe] And another! – [Boss] This is nice. – [Joe] These are a good size. – [Boss] In the bucket. – You think it’s fool’s gold? – [Joe] I don’t think
it’s fool’s gold at all. – [Boss] That doesn’t
looks like fool’s gold. – [Joe] It sure looks like gold to me. – [Boss] Let’s get it rinsed. (wind blowing)
My gold! The gold! Dude the gold blew away! Holy (beep)! (beep)! Oh no! Look at it! Holy (beep)! (Boss screaming) Oh no! (wind blowing) Protect the gold! Get the gold! Oh (beep)! Get the gold! – [Joe] I got it! – [Boss] Don’t drop it,
hold on, be careful. The other one blew across the yard. Go, go, go! Go, just go! (wind blowing) Quick, close the door! Close the door! Raven! Ah (beep). Holy (beep)(beep). – [Rookie] Goddamn! – [Joe] What’s gonna
get wrecked out there? – [Boss] What was that? (beep) – [Joe] The boxes? – [Boss] Dude one of those boxes, the one with all the gold in it flipped upside down. At least we took the chunks out. – We put them in the bin. – [Boss] Holy (beep). – [Joe] But the bin’s still out there, can’t blow off the ground. – [Boss] Holy cow, that came out of nowhere. Look at the tarp! A freak storm blew out of nowhere. Holy cow it’s still blowing out there. That’s insane. – Oh (beep)! (wind blowing) – [Boss] Dude the gold in the pan! All the gold is gone! No! No! No! I cannot believe that just happened to us. The gold Gods are angry, bro. – That’s what you get for
calling it fool’s gold. – [Boss] I did, I said fool’s gold and it freakin’ blew us away! Oh man everything is covered in grass. That blew out of nowhere! Dude. – We lost a ton of gold. – [Boss] We lost a ton of gold. That sucks boys. – I see what happened here. You called it fool’s gold. – [Boss] I just suggested
does it look like– – The sky opened up and shat on us. – [Boss] Does it look like fool’s gold? I shouldn’t have been
wearing sandals today. – You said fool’s gold, something about fool’s
gold made somebody angry. (wind blowing) (Boss screaming) – [Boss] Look at this. All the grass, but look at all the gold! Look at all that, baby! – [Michael] Alright! – [Boss] Well this one didn’t blow away! – [Joe] Well this one didn’t blow away. Just imagine what the one
that blew away had in it. – [Boss] No! That was horrible. Skim it up man, get the grass out. I have to insist you wear
your hardhat though bro, it’s still on camera it’s evidence. – I threw my hardhat into the wind. I’m sorry, it’s gone. – [Boss] Well it’s a short job. – Somewhere there’s a mobile home park that is now gone. – [Boss] That was absolutely insane. – That was nuts, man. – [Boss] That is a prairie storm for you, right outta nowhere. First it was super hot, and the wind bam! ‘Kay so that storm was crazy. Unexpected. – Crazy’s not the word. – [Boss] We didn’t get the heavy tailings, but we got everything out of here. – It was a mad dash to get to safety. – [Boss] Yeah. Here’s your spoon, buddy. Start feeding the table. – [Rookie] Start with the heaviest. Well the heaviest we have. – [Boss] I can’t believe this
is two payouts right here. Two clean outs. – [Michael] Two full clean outs, yeah. – [Boss] Hopefully we
see some actual gold. Well I know we will. Oh right there. Boom, right off the bat. – [Rookie] Oh, nice too! – [Michael] Yep, see it! – [Boss] Right there. – [Rookie] If we go scour the yard, there’s some out there after that wind. – [Boss] That is hurting me, man. I can’t believe I said
‘is it fool’s gold?’ and then that wind literally came up and blew us away. – [Joe] I don’t think it’s ’cause you said fool’s gold, bro. – [Boss] I angered somebody. – [Joe] Nope, I don’t think so. – [Boss] You don’t think so? – Nope. – [Boss] Oh I know, I’m just being superstitious. – That’s just the prairie storm. – [Boss] Is that the same one? – [Rookie] Nope. It’s another one. – [Michael] We’re over here. – [Boss] Nice! – [Rookie] What’s our table speed at? – [Boss] 64. For those that haven’t seen this before, this is a processing table, a shaker table. Made by Pavestone Creations, I got this at 911metallurgist.com. Can see a link in the
video description box, it helps us separate all the aggregate and the heavy gold works its way over. Look at the pieces of gold right here. – [Joe] There’s three here. – [Boss] Oh, nice! Hold on in the light bro, look at all gold. – [Michael] Wow! – [Boss] That’s what we get for not being able to clean it out. – [Michael] Yeah, well. – [Boss] Thanks a lot inspector. Least we get to do double today. – [Rookie] Is that that stick one? – [Boss] Look at this. No. That’s a different chunk, man. It’s getting chunky, man. Whoa, they can’t see anything here. – [Joe] I don’t even think that kid was a real inspector. – [Boss] That’s what the letter said! You’re just cluing in? – [Rookie] Yeah! (water running) – [Boss] Gold! – [Joe] Come to me my little babies. – [Boss] There’s the
stick gold right there. – [Joe] It sure is, yeah! – [Boss] Look at it all! Holy cow! Wow, I cannot believe what I’m seeing! – [Rookie] It’s awesome. – [Boss] Wow! Holy cow! – [All] Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold! – [Boss] I need big gold here, Joe you wanna do the honors? You caught the gold, why don’t we get you to
scoop some gold in here. – [Boss] Bring us the gold.
– [Joe] Ready, excited? – [Boss] Oh yes, yes. The bucket back there? Good. Look at this. Gold wheel, finally. – [Joe] Boom. – [Boss] Right off the hop. – [Joe] Gold in the creases, right now. – [Boss] Right off the hop. – [Rookie] Gonna be a ton
of gold in here today. – [Boss] I freaking hope
so man, we deserve it. – [Joe] Oh my gosh! – [Boss] Oh that’s a nice one. – [Rookie] That’s a nice one. – [Joe] Gold, gold, gold! – [Boss] That was a big piece. Holy cow, look at this! – [Rookie] Wow! That’s bigger. – [Boss] Wow! That is huge. – [Joe] Double clean up
boys, double clean up! – [Boss] That’s huge. – [Rookie] Clink, clink. – [Boss] Right freaking on. – [Rookie] Oh look at it guys, that’s just so much gold. – [Boss] Holy cow. – [Joe] I’m gonna give that a chance to clean out a little. – [Rookie] That’s awesome. That’s totally awesome. – [Boss] Hard to focus
on ’cause it’s shiny. – [Joe] That’s totally awesome. – [Boss] Look at that, it’s huge! – [Joe] That’s such a big piece, it doesn’t even wanna fall through. – [Boss] Holy cow, that’s a nice nug. Two of ’em side by side. Yeah it’s gonna need some help, aye? Ah, you know what? We’re plugged here. That’s why. Here, watch out Joe. Look at the gold, dudes! Look at the gold! Crazy! Yeah. What are you doing there, Rook? I don’t feel comfortable
watching you do that. – You’re rubbing the rod. – [Rookie] Clink. – [Boss] Yeah is that it? That’s all of it? – [Joe] Almost. – [Boss] I can’t believe how
quickly we went through that. Yeah there’s still a bit there. – [Rookie] Now you can
just scoop it up here, Joe. – [Boss] There you go, buddy. Nice job. There’s gold! More gold right there! Right in the bottom, of course! – [Rookie] Wow! And good chunks too! – [Boss] Nice. And it keeps coming. – [Rookie] Let’s just
let that run for a bit. – [Boss] Sweet deal. ‘Kay we processed, Joe. Bring her in, swirls, dump her in there. Leave it in there. Leave it in there, bro. – [Joe] Ready? – [Boss] Yeah. Careful man, careful. Splashed it out. – [Rookie] Put the bucket back. Put the bucket back. – [Joe] Bucket’s back. – [Rookie] Alright here
is the nonstop gold. – [Boss] Oh my God, that’s the hope. – [Joe] This should be a train of gold. – [Boss] I hope it doesn’t blow out. Nice. There it is, there it is. – [Joe] Oh my God! – [Rookie] Wow! – [Joe] One, two, three, four, five, – [Boss] Nice, my God
it’s a gold avalanche! – [Joe] Six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13. 10, 11, 12, 13. – [Rookie] Did you know Joe could count? – [Boss] I didn’t know Joe could count! – [Rookie] I’m mighty shocked! – [Boss] I thought he
only counted in eighths, – 17 in a row without one missing. – [Boss] Quarters, halves, ounces. – I say some grams. – [Boss] Some grams? Some? Definitely some. – [Rookie] We’re gonna see lots of grams. – [Boss] Quit peeking. Bring it over. Swirl it. (men yelling) Are you (beep) kidding me? – [Joe] Oh my God! – [Rookie] That’s unreal. – [Boss] I almost fainted before but I’m telling you straight
up right now oh my God, dude. – [Rookie] Joe, we had
like two teeth there. – [Boss] Dude, what is that? – [Joe] Rookie! – [Boss] What is that? – Gold dance baby! – Gold dance baby! – Yeah! A gold, a gold, a goldy! – [Joe] Look at it all! – [Rookie] So badass.
– [Joe] Oh my God. – [Boss] Told you it was worth it guys. All we had to do was put in the hours. Thank you Will for shutting us down so we could enjoy a double payout today! Nice. Let me get the scale. I know it seems convenient that I have a scale that weighs in grams, but it truly is for gold. – [Rookie] It does troy ounces, that’s why we got it. – [Boss] Well yeah. Well. That’s troy ounces there, but I wanna do grams for right now. – [Rookie] Don’t we have
to dry this a little bit? – [Joe] This is my second gold wheel. – [Rookie] Your second? – [Boss] The gold drying wheel. – [Joe] At least I know
how much gold is there. That’s good. – [Joe] Look at it all, man. I’m like in love. That’s amazing! Look at that. – [Boss] ‘Kay let’s get
it on this tray first. Yeah, yeah. – [Joe] Listen to it. Sweet. – [Boss] That’s a ton, man. – [Rookie] Look at that! That’s crazy. – [Joe] That’s a great payday. – [Boss] For all the BS
we had to put up with with the inspector too like for that to happen. – [Rookie] And the hurricane! Don’t forget the hurricane. – [Boss] Whoa man, to be blown away and to loss the gold that we did on top of what he had? I’m absolutely mortified. – [Rookie] Don’t you know we could’ve had. – [Boss] Okay, Rook. Joe you call it out, bro. – [Joe] One.
– [Rookie] One. – [Boss] Right, good number to start with. Holy (beep)! 4.7!
– [Joe] 4.7! 4.7!
– [Joe] 4.7! It just came out. – [Boss] Five, 6.7, 6.8, 8.5. – [Joe] Come on nine! – [Boss] 8.4, 8.5, 8.9. (men groaning) – [Joe] 8.9!
– [Boss] 8.9! Right there. Nine! – [Rookie] Nine!
– [Boss] Nine! – [Joe] Nine grams! – [Rookie] You’ll add in some more! – [Joe] Nine grams! – That’s why we do it. That’s why we do it, it’s the biggest payday.
– That’s unreal! – [Boss] That’s the biggest payday – [Joe] Nine grams. – [Boss] How’s it getting heavier? It’s getting heavier! – [Joe] 9.1! – [Boss] Are you kidding me? Here’s the rest from the season. ‘Kay, 11. 12. – [Joe] Dude, we’re
gonna need a bigger vial. – [Boss] 13. 14, 15, 16. 14, 15, 16. How many grams in a troy ounce? – [Rookie] 19. – [Boss] 31? – [Rookie] Something like that, yes. – [Joe] I think that’s right. – [Rookie] I think it’s around 31. Oh my God! – [Joe] Oh my God! (men yelling) Are you kidding me? – [Rookie] We have over an ounce of gold. – [Boss] Dude! Look at this! – That is over an ounce of gold! – Is that a coincidence
that it’s all threes? – [Boss] Holy cow, all threes. 33.3 grams. 33.3 grams. Hold on, let’s look at this. – [Rookie] Let’s go to troy ounces. – [Boss] Yeah. Look at that. – [All] 1.07! – [All] 1.07! – [Boss] Dude, high five! High five! Yeah boys! Yeah boys! – Yeah!
– [Boss] On three! One, two, three, YouTube Gold! – [All] YouTube Gold! – [Boss] Woohoo! – [Boss] Woohoo! Over and ounce. – [Rookie] Wow.