– So my friend sends me a message. – [RCSparks] Yeah. – It says, “My kid has
been bugging me to watch “this YouTube show with him.” – [RCSparks] Yeah. – “I guess him and his buddies
watch it all the time.” – [RCSparks] Yeah. – “So we watch it, “and I see Joe digging for gold with his RC bud.” (laughing) “YouTube Gold, it’s called.” – [RCSparks] Michael? – Yeah? – [RCSparks] You got the new guy hat on. – Yeah. – [RCSparks] What’s the deal with the… – I forgot mine. – [RCSparks] Well, that’s
the punishment you get, isn’t that right, boys? – That’s right. – [RCSparks] Where’s Sluice? – It’s (beep) snowing, so maybe
he just decided not to come. – I heard something about an interview? – [RCSparks] Yeah, I think… – He saw our last clean out, and I don’t think he was impressed. – I did hear. – He’s like, he thinks he can do better. – [RCSparks] That’s, like,
why Michael is here today to help fill in the gap. He’s gonna to be runnin’
some dozers for us. It’s snowing outside,
– Yeah! and the (beep) on YouTube are insatiable for content,
so we’re gonna have to push through, get ourselves some gold. – It’s Canada. What’s a little snow? – [RCSparks] Right? The only issue is all
these little machines are all 1:14 size, and they all have very small hydraulic lines, which means the hydraulics
in them get very cold, and what’s that mean? – Slow! – [RCSparks] Slow. So we’re gonna do the best we can to get some gold today. Bring it in, boys. One, two, three YouTube Gold. – Yeah. – Gold!
– Yeah, YouTube Gold! – [RCSparks] I didn’t do that right. – Another gray miserable day out here. It’s almost like we’re
going backwards in time. – You can still drink beer in the cold. – [RCSparks] That’s true. It is beer drinking weather. Rookie? Hey? – [RCSparks} Gettin’ the
ample amount of conveyors hooked up? – [Rookie] No. – [RCSparks] Nice. – [Krazy Joe] What about that one? I don’t see that one running. – [RCSparks] This one’s not moving, hey? The white one. – [Rookie] Oh, we’re not turned on, yet. – [RCSparks] Battery all good? – [Rookie] Oh, okay. Okay. – [RCSparks] We’re able to
adjust the flow, right here. – [Krazy Joe] What about the crusher? – [RCSparks] Crusher? Well, yeah we got… – [Krazy Joe] It’s the inside
of that conveyor, today. – [RCSparks] We gotta use it, eh? – [Rookie] Yeah. – [RCSparks] Use it in
the most Canadian way? Crush everything right off the bat, and let her go to town. – [Rookie] What’s that noise? – [RCSparks] That’s a bad sound. (loud buzzing) What a weird sound! Well, it cleared itself out. (laughing) That’s how we start the day around here. – Absolutely. Fine. It’s fine. – [RCSparks] Fire up the water, Joe. – Let’s get that plant turning. – [RCSparks] Yeah, oh do
we got batteries for it? – [Rookie] We might need
a battery for that Joe. – [RCSparks] Listen, you’re
acting like we’re prepared. – [Krazy Joe] Here comes water. What do you need? – [RCSparks] Nice! Looks like we need to level it out a bit on this side. Looks like we don’t have enough flow, actually, on this side. Probably have to push the
mat down a little bit. (water flowing) (Horn blowing) (laughing) So, he’s gonna start ripping open the cut, getting down, so we can
get rid of the overburden. Flow on the secondary
sluice looks fantastic. It is draining in to the pond over there. Fresh water pond. There’s still that leak coming down. We can see it. – [Rookie] It’s coming out, right there. – [RCSparks] It’s coming out right where? – [Rookie] Right here. – [RCSparks] Aha, look at that! – [Rookie] Yep! – [RCSparks] A serious leak. I wonder if we got a crack in the sluice. Okay, I guess we’re
gonna shut down the water and pull the sluice box out. Shut her down! We’re gonna have to
fricking bring this down. Man, can we ever get a break and run some fricking dirt through here? Holy cow! – [Rookie] I’ll tell you what we’re gonna need is some Gorilla tape. – [RCSparks] Yeah, definitely. I’m thinking some Gorilla tape. – Gorilla tape. – [RCSparks] Yeah, okay. – [Rookie] That’ll fix it. – [RCSparks] Let’s see what’s wrong. Why is it leaking from here? Is this loose? – [Rookie] It’s probably
backing up a little. ‘Cause that’s not sealed actually, eh, I don’t think? – [RCSparks] I can’t remember if we did seal that, or not, last year. It was Sluice’s thing. It’d be helpful if Sluice was here. – [Rookie] Well, where is he? – [RCSparks] I don’t know, man, but we’re only gonna be able to run one plant today if we can’t have him here running the second, We brought in all the
extra equipment, too, for him to run, but nothing, again. You gonna be able to cover? Looks like we got an issue
with the sluice slide. – I can’t run eight pieces of equipment and get a plant going. – [RCSparks] Man, that’s a blade full! Good job moving all the
overburden out of the way! Man, you can tell the difference in the hydraulics for sure. She’s cold. Once that pump starts to warm up, though, it’ll start heating up that hydro fluid, but we’ve got to check how
cold it is outside right now. – [Rookie] Minus two. Feels like minus six. – [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s cold. It’s gonna be hard on any of these machines to run today. We don’t stop for no
cold weather, right boys? – [Krazy Joe] Nope! Wait. – [RCSparks] Where is every? Hey! – [Michael] They’re dead inside. – [RCSparks] They’re inside warming up. They’re warming up. What are you guys doing? – Trying to fix this Sluice box. – I can’t feel my fingers. Here. – [RCSparks] Just dry it off this way. – [Krazy Joe] Use this. – [RCSparks] And, as a
novice idea, we could totally take it apart and just throw some silicone in there, quick. – [Rookie] We could. – [RCSparks] It’s just four bolts. – [Rookie] Do you want
to grab some tools, Joe? – I’d rather hold on to
that warm sluice box. – [RCSparks] That’s true. – [Rookie] This? (laughing) – [Krazy Joe] Nah, I’m okay. – [RCSparks] Beauty! No more leaky-leaky. – [Rookie] No sir! Although, God help you if you ever need to take this apart, again. – Far too cold for crap out there. – [RCSparks] What do
you mean it’s too cold? – Dozer just threw a track. – [RCSparks] We broke a track? – It’s laying down on the ground. – [RCSparks] No! Man, right there! – [Crazy Joe] Yep, it’s
what happens when it’s as cold as a Snowman’s (beep). (laughing) – [RCSparks] Alberta weather
takes a toll on my dozer. We must’ve had a rock get inside of there, and snapped that link right out. Hi Rookie, you got a copy? (radio beeping) – [Rookie] Go ahead, Boss. – [RCSparks] I got a track
thrown on the dozer, out here. I need you to bring a repair kit, as quick as possible,
okay? (radio beeping) – [Rookie] 10-4. – [RCSparks] Holy cow,
it’s getting cold out here! Nice. Good timing. You got a chain? – [Rookie] Yeah. – [RCSparks] Is it inadequate? – [Rookie] Ah, it’s totally adequate. – [RCSparks] Crazy, man! Here’s the extra links. Yeah, it’s a bad break. – [Rookie] Wow, that’s a terrible spot. – [RCSparks] Yep. Oh perfect, the hook
doesn’t even go around? – [Rookie] No, not even close. – [RCSparks] Ah, totally inadequate. – [Rookie] Absolutely. – [RCSparks] Excellent. (chuckling) I see you’ve taken Wyatt’s
signature, “absolutely”. – I think we all have. – [RCSparks] This is all moving around? Absolutely! – [Rookie] When you hear it so often, – [RCSparks] Said that phrase. – [Rookie] you just,
automatically, say it. – [RCSparks] You’re, basically,
family at the mine site. – [Rookie] Pretty much. – [RCSparks] There’s
something different, here. Absolutely! – [Rookie] Okay, I’m gonna
hook up to my bucket, boss, and just see what we can do, here. – [RCSparks] Nice wrap! – [Rookie] I’ll try and pull it back easy. What I need you to do,
though, is get Michael to, uh…
– To back up. – [RCSparks] Michael? – [Michael] Yep? – [RCSparks] We need you
to back up the dozer, man. When he starts to pull the track. Well done! – [Michael] Do you need power? – [Rookie] Wait til I
get some tension on it. – [RCSparks] Yeah, he’s gotta get his whole power on it. Oh, it dropped the chain! – [Rookie] Oh, ay! – [RCSparks] Watch the chain. Hey, watch out! Watch out your hand, man! – [Rookie] You could lose a limb, there! – [RCSparks] Yeah, man! – [Krazy Joe] Oh, what
are you gonna do, hurt me? – [RCSparks] Did you sign the waiver? (laughing) (dozer starting up and idling) Very good. – [Krazy Joe] Like, you’ll get that rig. – [RCSparks] Yeah. – [Krazy Joe] Hey, I’m workin’ on it! Hold on. I don’t know if it’s gonna hold. – [RCSparks] Movin’ slower
with colder fingers, man. – [Krazy Joe] It’s not gonna hold. – [Rookie] Yes it will! Get it on there! – [RCSparks] Come on, man,
just tie a knot in it. – [Krazy Joe] There you go. – [RCSparks] Hold on. Hold on. Everybody back up. Give him some room. I don’t want anyone to get hurt. – [Krazy Joe] Careful! Watch out! – [Rookie] Get away from the chief! – [RCSparks] Watch out. – [Krazy Joe] You ready? – [Rookie] Yep. – [RCSparks] Good luck. Back it up, man. Very good. Very good. Whoa! Whoa! He’s going too fast. Okay, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Give it some slack. It’s all bound up. There we go. Pull! Good! Good! It missed the cog, there. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! (yelling) Ah, shoot! – [Krazy Joe] You snapped the chain? – [Rookie] I think I got a rock in my eye! – [RCSparks] It’s okay. What? Ahhh! Dude, I told you about wear your glasses! Joe, conveyors are lined
up, ready to rock-n-roll. – [Krazy Joe] I think so! I think we’re ready, now. – [RCSparks] We need to
start movin’ pay, man. – [Krazy Joe] I got the whole
all of the plants runnin’. – [RCSparks] Conveyor’s runnin’. – [Krazy Joe] Okay! – [RCSparks] Crusher’s runnin’. – [Krazy Joe] Let’s
see what happens, here. (equipment running) – [RCSparks] Hoo-wee, first load of pay! Crushin’ all day! Give me that gold, baby. Look at it shake away. Hahaha, it’s not goin’ anywhere! Ha ha ha ha ha! (diesel engine running) Oh, boy! Come on! Come on! Yes! Almost tipped it, right there. (back up alarm beeping) Beautiful! Down she goes. There we are. Beauty! It’s a good load of pay. Got your pay, Joe! – Awesome! Hey, okay, I got the conveyor goin’! (laughing) Everything’s runnin’, here! – [RCSparks] Like, it’s
freaking snowing out! – Gettin’ everything going. – [RCSparks] In May! (laughing) Awe, man. (radio beeping) Yeah, go ahead. – Yeah, we got that
track all looked after. We’re ready to go over
here. (radio beeping) – [RCSparks] Rock and roll, dude! Epic job! Broken one, right here, hey? Good. I’m glad we had
a piece, here, already. That coulda been an ender for that dozer. Thanks, Rook! Or, should I call you Trackhoe? – Sunk Vader Guy. (laughing) That’s what I’m going with, now. – [RCSparks] Not Trackhoe? – [Rookie] Not Trackhoe. I don’t think I like Trackhoe. – [RCSparks] Okay, well,
thanks for fixin’ it. (machinery running) You got both switches on, Joe? – Oh, yeah. It’s just having a hard time, here. I gotta get it… – [RCSparks] It’s got a jam? – Little bit. – [RCSparks] Yeah. – [Rookie] You got it runnin’? – Yeah, oh, yeah. – [RCSparks] There we go! Beautiful! Movin’ it through. – [Rookie] Now, and you
can see all the snow! – [RCSparks] Yeah, you can! It’s snow everywhere. – [Rookie] We’re good. – [RCSparks] Good job, boys. Movin’ rocks! – [Krazy Joe] Hey, so, you’re
gonna give me some pay? – [RCSparks] Yeah. Well, there’s some there.
– From this pile? Yeah. – [Krazy Joe] And, drop
it up on that pile, so I can load it and get
it through the plants. – [Rookie] Let’s do that, then. – [Krazy Joe] Okay. (laughing) – Now, where the hell did I
put the radio for the loader? – [Rookie] This is the pay we had for Sluice Box to run today. With him not being there, we’re gonna have to take it and ship it up
to the top of the mine. It’s a little bit more extra time. It is super cold today, but that’s where we really pull together as a team, right? – [Rookie] Absolutely! – [RCSparks] Absolutely. (laughing) – [Rookie] We’ve gotta stop saying that. (laughing) – [RCSparks] Wow. That’s the kind of scoop
we like to see, brother! (equipment running) – [Rookie] It’s not real
conventional using a rock crushing plant to move pay, but… – [RCSparks] Hey, man,
if we can crush it down and get as much gold as possible out of these rocks, I’m all for it. – [Rookie] Well, we gotta
do what we gotta do. Sluice isn’t here, so, we’re just processing his pay. – [RCSparks] Yes! Whoa, the heavier it gets,
it doesn’t wanna shake. – [Rookie] Whoa!
– Be careful! – [RCSparks] Joe, it’s official! We can’t move sand in a rock crusher! – [Krazy Joe] Well… – [RCSparks] It’s not heavy enough! – [Krazy Joe] I don’t know
what to tell you, man. I’ll just, ah… – [RCSparks] Just load it right onto it. We’re gonna have to crush rocks with this, and just, like, let it go
through the grizzly bars, there, and then, through
the grizzly bars, there, – [Krazy Joe] Hell, I thought we’d be able to load it, but… – [RCSparks] and through the screener. Let’s just get this through. – [Krazy Joe] Well, we’ll
get the rest through there, and we’ll… – [RCSparks] I thought you
were an expert at this! – Hey, I didn’t know! – [RCSparks] You’re an expert! – [Krazy Joe] I thought
it’s got a conveyor on it. – [RCSparks] That’s true. I thought it. Look at it. It’s literally shaking it backwards. (laughing) – [Krazy Joe] Its got a conveyor on it! – [RCSparks] Look at this. Nice! That’s a good scoop. Dude, we’re warriors. Mining in the cold. – [Krazy Joe] It’s cold out. – [RCSparks] It is cold out. – [Krazy Joe] We’ll get her. (sound of equipment running) – [RCSparks] Nice job, man! Looks like we could almost move this over, just a little bit, so we can get it at the center, but it’s still falling in, still washing the sand,
coming down from the top. There we go. Look at all that gold
getting washed through. Ooh, is that a piece? I hope it friggin’ is! Very cool. Still got this wash going on. It’s almost like we need a bit more flow. If there is any gold coming down here, I’m probably losing it on the stuff that’s not getting washed through. It’s almost like I need a third pump, up here, to wash it down. – I got pay stickin’ to every belt. – [RCSparks] Yeah, look at it. It’s sticking like crazy. – [Krazy Joe] Man! – [RCSparks] I don’t know, man! – [Krazy Joe] I don’t know, man. – [RCSparks] Listen. – I’m all for continuing to go, but we’re losing a lot of material, here. – [RCSparks] (laughing) We are. Look at it sticking to the belt. I don’t want to be losing gold, here. Pay going in to the back of the Volvo. The cold’s making these
machines incredibly hard to operate. Rook, I notice your
excavator’s pretty slow! – [Rookie] It is definitely slow. – [RCSparks] It’s a
beautiful scene, buddy. – [Krazy Joe] Hey, is pay comin’ up? I’m almost stone, here! – [RCSparks] Bring the pay! – [Rookie] Bring the pay! – [RCSparks] Over the road,
it’s holding nice and strong. It should. We built it twice. (laughing) – [Rookie] Had to make sure it was right. – [RCSparks] That’s right! – [Krazy Joe] So nice,
we had to do it twice. – [RCSparks] Lookin’ good, boys! Good to see a little mud on the tires. (machine engines rumbling) – [Rookie] (singing) I can’t feel my face when I’m by gold, (laughing) but I love it. – [RCSparks] Can’t feel
my fingers, either, buddy! – [Rookie] Woo-hoo! – [RCSparks] Brand new pay. Bring it all day. (back up alarm beeping) Nice job, Rook. – [Rookie] Just another day
with one more load of pay. – [RCSparks] Right on! Yeah, obviously, the weight of the sand, in the rock crusher,
was gonna be a hindrance with that shaker plate. Rocks only! Joe, ready to rock-n-roll already. Good job, Joe, nice and high, as always. Great way to get it on the conveyor, feathering it out. Oh, a little bit missed. Not a big deal. Snow in May. – [Krazy Joe] Ah, you know. It’s bound to happen. – [RCSparks] Yeah, where we live it is. – [Krazy Joe] It is mining
on the prairies, after all. (laughing) – [RCSparks] It’s not easy, or
everybody would be doing it. – [Krazy Joe] Well, yeah. (machine rumbling) – [RCSparks] Going through the screener. It’s categorizing each bit
of sand that runs through, washing it down. We recapture all the dirt, that we wash, in this bucket. This bucket actually has
a pipe that goes down to the freshwater pond. That’s how we recirculate everything. What a day to be mining. – [RCSparks] Hold on,
I’ll heat up your tank. – [Krazy Joe] Sweet, thank you! Oh, hey, don’t start me on fire! (laughing) – [RCSparks] It’s the only way, I figure, I could warm up your tank for you and get the oil moving. – [Krazy Joe] Well, it worked! – [RCSparks] It did! – [Krazy Joe] Believe it,
or not, I have a slight bit more control, now. – [RCSparks] (chuckling) I’m glad you do! Warmer oil flows through the veins, man. – [Rookie] Unlike your fingers. – [RCSparks] Unlike our fingers. Well put. (machine hydraulics groaning) Moving so slow. Little short-handed today. Bad weather, as well. Regardless, we still
got some micro-yardage in to the box. We’re gonna call it early today, for obvious reasons. This stuff is moving
a little bit too slow. See what kind of pay we get today. Nice job. Nice piloting. Michael on the controls right now. Joe giving his fingers
a chance to warm up. (grunting) Yeah, man. – [Krazy Joe] It’s mighty cold out, today! – [RCSparks] Yep. – [Krazy Joe] A blistering minus two. Yeah, we’re half pay, half snow. – [RCSparks] Half pay, half snow, yep. (equipment running) – That’s just about the last of it. – [Krazy Joe] All right,
well, you send it up the hill. Once we get that processed,
I think it’s best, probably, to shut her down for the day. – [RCSparks] Yeah, we don’t
want everything icing up. – [Rookie] Yeah, this weather
is kicking our (beep). – [RCSparks] Man! – 10-4, Well, I’ll send that truck up, whenever you’re done that last bit. – [RCSparks] Okay, so, Joe’s been stepping up to the plate a little bit around here, so I’m gonna give him
a little more leeway, as site foreman, today. See if he’s making the right call, or not. I’d like to see us push through, but the wear and tear on the equipment is not worth it, and we don’t want the plant’s freezing up. (equipment sounds drown out radio talk) Pedal to the metal, buddy. Beautiful! (back up alarm beeping) Nice job! – [Krazy Joe] Here,
Mike, I’ll run the last of this pay. You’ve already wrecked two dozers today. – [RCSparks] That’s true. – I don’t wanna break anything else. – You just, uh, you take a break. – [RCSparks] Yeah, you got
the day off, man, yeah. I wish Steve was here. (machines running) (hydraulics groaning) – [RCSparks] Walk her home, Rook. Take her back! We’d like to go on, more,
but there’s just no way. These little machines can’t handle it. Frankly, I don’t think
these guys can either, but you get what you
pay for with help, yeah? Bringing it through! Classifying everything
the way it should be, bringing it down, washing that dirt, bringing us home the gold. I see one spect of gold, boys! She’s tiny! – Hey, boss. – Joe. – (beep) cold, today! – Way too cold. We’re not gonna be able to continue. – I already sent the boys in. We’re shuttin’ her down. We’re gonna get the clean up going. – [RCSparks] And so, the clean up begins. All the way down the Gold Hog mats. (water running) Good job. Holy cow, boys! Look it! Gold. Gold. Gold. Gold. Gold. – [Krazy Joe] It’s a golden kind of day. – [RCSparks] Whoa, all this work, man. – [Krazy Joe] In the cold! My hands are so cold! – [RCSparks] You too cold? You too cold, gold, in the cold. – [Krazy Joe] Yep. How’s your hands? – Oh, it’s so cold, I can hardly move. – [RCSparks] Nice! Look at the black sand in there, boys, right along the edge. – [Rookie] Black sand means gold. – [RCSparks] It’s gonna
give us some gold, yes! Well, you know one thing I noticed? – What’d you notice? – [RCSparks] We’re a lot funnier when it’s warmer outside. (laughing) – [Krazy Joe] Yeah, okay. – [Rookie] Cold is just no fun. – [RCSparks] Yeah, it was darn cold today. The show must go on,
though, as we always say. Shall we start feeding
the wheel of fortune? – [Krazy Joe & Rookie] Yeah! – [RCSparks] Let me go, here. Let me see. Part one. I still need a gold table. This would make it so much easier and faster. – [Rookie] Whoa, the cups not there! – [RCSparks] No, yes, it is. I checked. This is where all the
gold will get dumped out. It gets carried to the middle of the wheel ’cause it’s heavy. It washes all the dirt
out with this water bar. We’re gonna have to go through all this just to see what kind of gold we are. Come on, gold! – [Krazy Joe] I don’t see any candy, yet. – [RCSparks] Come on, get golden. Put some more in there. Boy, we’re gonna need more gold than this for the season if we’re gonna get to 3/4 of an ounce. – [Krazy Joe] Come on,
Rookie, get feedin’. – [Rookie] How many more
weeks of YouTube Gold do we have left? Right, it’s May. We have the TTC. – I don’t know. It’s not that long of a season. – [RCSparks] When’s the TTC comin’? 21st? – Ah, the 20th and 21st of July.
– July. – [RCSparks] We got other
things on the go, as well, so we only have only so
many Gold shows we can do. – [Krazy Joe] And, it’s
definitely a short season. – [RCSparks] We’re gonna
figure out how much gold we already have, and then how much gold we need get every episode
just to hit our goal. I think that’s the way we should do it. There goes a big honker! – [Krazy Joe] There’s another one! Two, three! Woo!
– Look at that! – [RCSparks] Nice! Yeah! There you go! Sprinkle it in there. Perfect, Joe. – [Rookie] Ah, we’re gettin’ it. Feels good to be gettin’ gold. – [RCSparks] It does. It washes all the rocks
away ’cause it’s light. There, look at that! Oh! No way! Oh, it keeps fallin’.
– [Rookie] No way, no. Yeah, it’s, ah, droppin’ down. – [RCSparks] No way! Ah, it looks huge. Well, that’s it, boys. – [Krazy Joe] That’s terrible clean out. – [RCSparks] That’s it. It’s a wonderful clean out. Look at that! (laughing) – [Rookie] That’s gold, right there. – [RCSparks] No!
– No, that’s just sand. It’s just a piece of sand. – [Rookie] Are you sure? – [RCSparks] Here, you can have that. – [Krazy Joe] Okay, turn it off. – [RCSparks] Swirl it up. Bring it over. Let’s see what we got. Okay, dump some of that water. – [RCSparks] He’s gonna dump a little bit of the water. Notice that he’s dumping it on the wheel. Smart move. Good luck, dude. Oh, look at that! – [Rookie] So much better than last week. – [RCSparks] Oh, that is so much better! We even got lots of
powder gold in there, too. – [Rookie] Yeah.
– Lots of flower gold. – [RCSparks] See if
everyone can see it, there. There it is. – [Rookie] Sweet! – [Krazy Joe] Even on the edge, there. – [RCSparks] That looks nice! Look at those! Wow, that actually is a decent piece. – [Rookie] That’s a
decent clean out, fellas! – [RCSparks] Look at that! – [Rookie] Great job, today!
– Great job. Good job. – [Krazy Joe] The cold paid off. – [Rookie] Yeah!
– Yeah, the cold gold. – [RCSparks] Boom! – [Rookie] Cold gold! – [RCSparks] That’s nice, man. Let’s get some of that water out of there, and kinda bring it in to the edge, yeah. – [Krazy joe] Two rock truck buckets full. – [Rookie] They weren’t full. – [RCSparks] Yeah. Well, most of them were. Plus, we had some pay sittin’
there, as well, right? So, I think the extra
conveyors actually helped in getting more gold. – [Rookie] I think we need more conveyors. – [RCSparks] If that’s
the case, more conveyors means more gold. – [Rookie] And, more equipment. – [RCSparks] Here’s the
magnet you can remove the sand with. – [Rookie] Thank You. Okay. – [RCSparks] Why is your
magnet inside a bag? – [Rookie] So, when we’re done, I can just lift the magnet out, and
it’s not covered with this stuff permanently. – [RCSparks] ‘Cause it would
never come off of there, ever. – [Rookie] Ah, you’d be
picking at it for years to try and get that off. – [RCSparks] Dude, look at that! Look how nicely it cleaned that up. Man, I love gold! – [Rookie] Make sure none’s stuck. – [RCSparks] Okay, Joe,
bring down the gold. Put the glass on there. We’ll zero it out. Yeah, nice. That’s four grams. 4.5, in total. Ah, frick it. Just go ahead and pour it in there, Rook. See what we got. – [Rookie] Alrighty. – [RCSparks] Now, that’s
including the size of the… Ohhhhhh! Right there. – [Rookie] Oh! No! It’s right there. – [Krazy Joe] Right there, bud. – [RCSparks] Nice, .4 grams, hey? – [Krazy Joe] Yep. – [RCSparks] In total. – [Krazy Joe] Almost a half a gram. – [RCSparks] Okay, you hold that, now. Now, put that on there. Zero it out. Zero it out. You wanna dump it in
there for total weight? Beautiful. 1.6 grams. Hmm. 1.5 grams. That went down. – [Rookie] It went down. – [RCSparks] Okay, so… – [Rookie] That looks
beautiful, but does everybody understand that we need 23
grams for our goal this year? – [RCSparks] Yeah, there’s 30 ounces, – [Krazy Joe] That’s a long ways away. – [RCSparks] or 30 grams in a troy ounce. 31. – 31, and it’s about 23 for our 3/4 ounce. – [RCSparks] And, we
only have, like, maybe, 12 Saturdays left for Gold, right? – We gotta make up some ground. – [RCSparks] Yeah, like, we gotta do some serious mining because
that ain’t gonna cut it if we’re gonna get to 3/4 of an ounce. – [Rookie] We need to bring
in this much every time. – [RCSparks] Yeah, but
I also think we need to figure out a way to start tightening up the mine site a little bit, hey? – Absolutely. – [RCSparks] Like, we haven’t really been taking it seriously. – Well, you know. – [RCSparks] Well, do we ever? You know, if we’re gonna meet, we gotta tighten up the britches, yeah? We need a gold table.